Bizarre TikTok video of a woman raises theories of living in the Matrix

TikTok users claim to have received proof that we are living in a simulation after watching a video of a woman ‘trapped in time’. The woman can be seen walking away from the camera down a residential street in video posted to the platform last week. Watch the video here.

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Woman caught frozen in time on viral tiktok

A TikToker claimed in a now-viral video posted this week that an unidentified woman appeared to be stuck in time on a busy highway.

The woman dressed in white pants and a long-sleeved black shirt appeared to be “frozen” in place as she walked down the sidewalk. Her legs seemed to be halfway up, and her arms dangled awkwardly at her sides. The beautiful blonde hair of hers also seemed to be on pause.

But it isn’t for a few seconds, and it stops halfway. Her hair even seems to stop moving, as if frozen in time. “Why is she frozen?” The man capturing the unusual scenario can be heard asking. When the woman suddenly springs back into action, he adds, “Bruh, I’m freaking out.”

The man claimed in the photo’s caption that the woman had been frozen “for a minute before” he started shooting. Since it was posted last week, the video has received 4.9 million views, more than 470,000 likes, and hundreds of funny comments.

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People had different observations about the video.

woman 'frozen in time'TikTok screenshot

A few people offered reasonable explanations for the unusual movie, with one proposing that TikTok was a “paused video of a video.” Someone else, however, questioned this hypothesis and said: “No, because at the beginning a car still passes when it is frozen.” Others chided the TikToker for not running up to the woman and asking what had happened. “We need your perspective on this,” one person said, according to online reports.

However, this is not the first time that a real-life malfunction has left people stumped. Last October, art enthusiasts found an 1860s artwork of a young woman holding a smartphone, sparking an internet frenzy. Meanwhile, a baffling snapshot of bikini-clad partygoers went viral as social media users tried to figure out which legs belonged to whom.

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