Bonkolo Higher Secondary School EC director, teacher suspended for ‘inappropriate sexual conduct’

The suspension of the principal and a teacher from Bonkolo Higher Secondary School in Idutywa, in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province, followed allegations of carnal abuse of students by teachers at the school. The decision to suspend the staff member was made in response to a series of reports that recently surfaced alleging inappropriate teacher-student relationships at the school. This news has created panic on the internet, people are very angry after hearing this news.

News from Bonkolo Higher Secondary School

Bonkolo Higher Secondary School, like many other schools in the country, has been grappling with the challenge of creating a safe environment for students. It is deeply distressing to hear that some school personnel may have violated the trust that students and parents place in them. The matter first came to light when some students complained to their parents, who in turn turned to the Department of Education with their concerns.


The Department of Education has emphasized that these allegations are serious and that the department has a zero tolerance policy towards any type of abuse, harassment or discrimination in any form. The suspension of staff members is a precautionary measure taken to ensure that students are safe and that the department can conduct an investigation without hindrance. The department has urged any other students who may have experienced abuse or harassment to come forward.


It is important to remember that carnal abuse of students by teachers is a criminal offense and is considered one of the most serious breaches of professional conduct. The students involved are particularly vulnerable and in many cases are not equipped to deal with the emotional and psychological trauma that arises from such incidents. The Department of Education has stated that it will take all necessary steps to ensure that the welfare of the students involved is protected.

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Finally, the case of Bonkolo Senior Secondary School is a tragic reminder that schools must be safe havens for students, free from abuse of power and harassment in any form. It is the responsibility of all members of the community, particularly teachers and other school personnel, to ensure that schools are safe and nurturing environments where students can thrive. The Ministry of Education will take firm measures so that all schools in the province comply with this basic principle. So please stay safe and stay tuned for us.

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