Burlington Teacher Arrested: 85-Year-Old Former Burlington Teacher Charged In Landmark Sexual Assault Case

It is shocking and quite interesting as well that an 85 year old teacher has been charged with the alleged sexual assaults. Since this news appeared and broke out on social media and news channels, she has been buzzing everywhere and arousing people’s curiosity to know who the master is. The suspect is a Burlington teacher who has been charged with alleged sexual assaults. If you are eager to know this story in detail, please search this blog till the end. Here we have arrived after doing research on this story. You are asked to obtain the information provided in the following sections. Stick with this column for a while and take a look below.

Burlington teacher arrested

The suspect is a former teacher in Burlington. He is currently 85 years old. And the incident in which he is accused of the alleged sexual assaults took place 40 years ago. Yes, you heard that right, a former Burlington teacher is charged with alleged sexual assault over an incident dating back 40 years. The Burlington teacher arrested on suspicion of sexual assault has reportedly harassed several students. Scroll down the page and read what the Halton Regional Police had to say about it.


This is not the first time we have heard about the arrest of a teacher on suspicion of sexual assault on students, we have witnessed numerous similar cases in recent months. In June of last year, the Halton Regional Police confirmed the arrest of a teacher who allegedly sexually assaulted an eighth grade student at the Pineland Public School located in Burlington. This incident dates back to 1982-83. The victim claimed that the woman who sexually assaulted him was her teacher at the time. Drag down the page and get more information.

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However, Halton Regional Police reported earlier this month that one more victim in the case recorded last year came forward and alleged that he was sexually assaulted by the same teacher when he was in grade 8 at Pineland Public School. Halton Regional Police recently filed yet another sexual assault case against a former Burlington teacher who allegedly assaulted several students some 40 years ago. But the identity of the teacher has been kept secret. That’s all for now on this news. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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