Burping With Pride: USA Woman Breaks World Record For ‘Loudest Burp’ Title With 107.3 Decibels

A woman in the USA stunned the world with an ear-splitting 107.3-decibel burp, shattering the record for the loudest burp. It is an astounding feat of aural prowess. Witnesses were shocked when the historic accomplishment occurred during a national event that broke records.  

With thunderous breathing and steely nerves, the amazing Kimberly “Kimycola” Winter of Maryland, USA, stepped onto the stage. 

She let off a fierce burp that echoed across the arena as the audience fell silent, instantly shattering the previous record and cementing her legacy. 

There were difficulties along the woman’s path to this momentous day. After undergoing intense training to reach a remarkable sound level, she had months to hone her belching skills. She has gained fame in competitive burping due to her persistent efforts and unwavering dedication.

From Ladylike To Record-Breaking: With A Burp That’s 107.3 Decibels, USA Woman Breaks Burp Record

The USA native shattered the record for the loudest burp in history (female), thanks to her abnormally loud burps.

Her burp, which broke the record, was 107.3 dB. This was higher than the previous record of 107 dB set in 2009 by Italian Elisa Cagnoni. Neville Sharp of Australia has a record for the loudest burp in the male category. In 2021, his burp was 112.7 dB.

Winter’s burp is “louder than a blender (70–80 dB), an electric handheld drill (90–95 dB), and even some motorcycles at full throttle (100–110 dB),” according to Guinness World Records.


To remove any reflected sound, she had to burp in a sound recording studio to set her record. Winter went to the iHeartRadio studios and attempted to break records by burping live on DJ Elliot Segal’s well-liked radio discussion show, “Elliot in the Morning.”

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The Loudest Burp In History Is Set By A Woman From The USA At 107.3 DecibelsYouTube/@guinnessworldrecords

In an interview with Guinness World Records, Winter claimed she had breakfast, coffee, and beer to prepare for the burp.

Winter has known since she was a young child that her burps are incredibly loud.

Even though people don’t always enjoy her loud burps in public, Winter has amassed a fan base on TikTok and YouTube over the years, where many enjoy her peculiar gift. 

The Loudest Burp In History Is Set By A Woman From The USA At 107.3 DecibelsYouTube/@guinnessworldrecords

Winter’s longest burp yet is approximately nine seconds. Michele Forgione set a record in 2009 with the “world’s longest burp,” at one minute and thirteen seconds. She, though, has yet to desire to surpass this record. But the loudest is what I’m aiming for, not the longest. She exclaimed, “I love to be proud and loud!”  

The Loudest Burp In History Is Set By A Woman From The USA At 107.3 DecibelsYouTube/@guinnessworldrecords

Social media and media sites have been overwhelmed with praise and admiration for the American woman’s exceptional talent. Online community members worldwide have commended her for shattering stereotypes and demonstrating that undiscovered abilities may arise from the most unlikely locations.

This American woman’s 107.3-decibel burp will go down in history as a famous moment in the annals of odd records and incredible feats, especially as word of her victory spreads like wildfire. Her narrative will encourage people to value their uniqueness and follow their aspirations, regardless of how strange they may seem. Anticipation is high for what amazing achievements this trailblazing burper and others like her will pull off in the future.

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