Campus expels Mario Dandy Satriyo for violent attack: Video Aniaya David Penganiayaan Anak Pajak

It seems that today we only have the details of the viral videos that are trending on social media. Everyone knows that Twitter and Reddit is the platform where controversy usually starts, especially since many controversial videos posted on these platforms attract a lot of attention. This time too, a video is going viral on social media and garnering immense attention and everyone is just talking about it. This time too people are using particular keywords to find a video which is creating a lot of controversy.

Who is Mario Dandy Satriyo? Twitter video

People are searching for the video using these keywords which are “Twitter Video Mario Dandy”, “Video Mario David Twitter and “Video Penganiayaan Anak Pajak Twitter”. This video has disturbing graphics that may scare you to the core and that is why this video is trending. According to the report in this viral video, a man was seen violently attacking a child. The suspect is identified as Mario Dandy and the child victim is identified as David. This video was allegedly recorded in Indonesia and has sparked outrage on social media platforms, with several calling for justice for the boy.

Video Mario Aniaya David Twitter

The report claims that a video originally posted on Facebook shows Mario Dandy punching and kicking David, who is a member of GP Ansor, which is a Muslim youth organization. This heinous allegedly happened at the time of the organization’s training session. According to the details, David accidentally hit Mario Dandy with a ball at the time of the training session. However, Mario Dandy gets mad at David and in his anger, he begins to assault the boy. It is not known who recorded the video and posted it online, but it sparked widespread outrage on social media with several expressing their disgust and shock at the incident.

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Video Penganiayaan Anak Pajak Twitter

On Twitter, the hashtag #JusticeForDavid has been trending with several calling for the suspect to be held accountable for his actions. Other than that, the GP Ansor organization issued a statement after viewing the video condemning the attack and also called for serious legal action against the suspect. After seeing the outrage of the people, Mario Dandy has been arrested by the police for his actions. According to reports, he has been charged with face up and there is a high probability that he will face up to 5 years in jail if he is sentenced. Fortunately, David has not suffered serious injuries, but is receiving medical treatment for his injuries, which include cuts and bruises. There are not many details related to this matter, but we are trying to find more.

mario dandy satryo

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