Can you beat the clock and find the soldier’s sword in just 9 seconds in this optical illusion?

Optical illusions are visual elements that challenge our perception and visual abilities. These illusions provide important details about how our brains interpret complicated visual information.

Optical illusions activate areas of the brain involved in visual memory and intelligence. These are simple tools that allow us to measure the ability of our visual system to observe the things around us. These illusions challenge the way our brain processes visual information, often leading us to perceive things that do not align with the physical properties of the objects being observed.

Optical illusions can take many forms, including distortions in size, perspective, color, and motion. They are often used to demonstrate the complexities of human perception and how our brain interprets visual stimuli.

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Can you see the sword hidden in this optical illusion?

optical illusion find the swordJosh Jagran

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In the image above you can see a soldier riding a chariot into battle. But he has lost his weapon. Readers are challenged to find the hidden weapon in nine seconds.

This photo has left netizens scratching their heads. Your time has come! People with a keen sense of detail can locate the gun quickly. Examine the image carefully. Have you discovered the sword?

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The clock is ticking. The sword can be seen if you look closely at the photograph. The clock is ticking; hurry up.

Here is the answer

Could you identify it? No? Do you need a clue? It is not on the right side of the image. And… The countdown has begun.

Have you already noticed it?

We believe that some of our enthusiastic readers have already identified the sword. Congratulations! You have a keen sense of observation. Those who could not locate the sword can find the solution below.

sword answerJosh Jagran

Did you know that swords have been used for thousands of years, with some of the earliest examples dating back to the Bronze Age, around 1600 BC? C.?

His designs have evolved significantly over time. They ranged from short and utilitarian to long and ornate, reflecting the cultural preferences and combat techniques of different civilizations.


Throughout history, skilled blacksmiths have acquired legendary status. One of those figures is Masamune, a Japanese blacksmith whose works are highly regarded.

Many cultures have myths and legends about magical swords. Examples include King Arthur’s Excalibur and the sword of the Japanese deity Susanoo.

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