Cast of Mirada de mujer: the actors who gave life to this successful soap opera

The Mexican telenovela Mirada de mujer was a resounding success in its original broadcast in 1997.

The story of María Inés, a 50-year-old housewife who decides to rebuild her life after her husband abandons her, captivated audiences throughout Latin America.

Angélica Aragón was the protagonist of Mirada de mujer, playing María Inés, a woman facing a divorce after 30 years of marriage. Aragón is a Mexican actress with a long career, who has participated in numerous soap operas, films and plays.

Ari Telch as Alejandro Salas

Ari Telch played Alejandro, a man who falls in love with María Inés. Telch is a Mexican actor who has participated in soap operas, films and series.

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Other actors in the cast

In addition to Aragón and Telch, the cast of Mirada de mujer included:

  • Fernando Luján as Ignacio San Millán, María Inés’ husband
  • Martha Mariana Castro as Daniela López, Ignacio’s lover
  • Margarita Gralia as Paulina Serracín, María Inés’s best friend
  • Evangelina Elizondo as Emilia Elena, Domínguez’s widow, María Inés’ mother
  • Verónica Langer as Rosario, María Inés’ maid
  • María Renée Prudencio as Adriana San Millán Domínguez, María Inés’ eldest daughter
  • Plutarco Haza as Andrés San Millán Domínguez, the youngest son of María Inés.


Cast of Mirada de mujer, a resounding success

Mirada de mujer was a resounding success when it was originally broadcast in 1997. The telenovela was broadcast in more than 20 countries and was awarded numerous awards, including the TVyNovelas Award for best telenovela.

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The soap opera was a success for its story, which addressed topics such as divorce, a second chance at love and personal improvement.

It was also a success for its cast, which was led by Angélica Aragón and Ari Telch, who gave memorable performances.

Mirada de mujer was a milestone in the history of Mexican soap operas. The soap opera marked a new era in the genre, with more realistic stories and more complex characters.

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