Cause of death of Rolando Núñez Moreno: What happened to Rolando Núñez Moreno?

Here we are going to talk about Rolando Núñez Moreno since the public searches for him on the Internet. The public surfs the Internet to learn more about Rolando Núñez Moreno and they not only like to obtain information about his death since the news about it is going viral on the Internet. That is why we have brought information about Rolando Núñez Moreno in this article for our readers. Not only that, we are also going to provide details about his death as the public searches for it on the Internet. So, keep reading the article to know more.

Cause of death of Rolando Núñez Moreno

A horrific incident occurred on Friday night when 14-year-old Rolando Nunez Moreno died while standing next to a disabled car on the road. The young man’s identity was verified by Bobbi Jo O’Neal, Charleston County Coroner. O’Neal claims the sad situation occurred around 8:15 pm on the side of I-526 when Rolando was hit by a car he had taken off and then crashed into a nearby building. Fortunately, no other major injuries related to the incident have been reported. The North Charleston Police Traffic Unit is currently conducting an investigation to determine the details of this unfortunate tragedy.

Rolando Núñez Moreno

This horrific incident serves as a sobering reminder of the potential risks that could develop on the roads, including for pedestrians, and emphasizes the importance of road safety. After Rolando’s recent death, Jovana Góngora Moreno began raising funds to help with funeral costs. The goal of this sincere fundraising effort is to raise money to help with his funeral expenses. Anyone willing to help will be welcomed by the family during this difficult time. Throughout this difficult time, the kindness and unity of the community is greatly appreciated.

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Rolando Núñez Moreno’s funeral plans will be announced by his family at a later date. They are now taking the time necessary to recover from this challenging process. They will tell everyone the details of his funeral arrangements when they are ready to do so. This strategy gives them the space and time they need to process their loss before addressing these requirements. Witnesses have described the horrific scene that followed Rolando Núñez Moreno’s tragic collision with I-526. Witnessing such a horrible tragedy in front of his eyes left many traumatized. Witnessing the car hit Rolando, he was sent flying through the air and then crashed into a nearby house, some people said they felt helpless.

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