The expensive pilates studio offers a $100 credit only if you get their logo tattooed on your body, ‘avoid cheeky areas’; They are quick to mock it as ‘cult’

Let’s talk about a company that wants its members to do everything they can for them, literally.

A pilates studio called Solidcore is drawing attention on social media after revealing that they are encouraging their members to get a tattoo of their logo to celebrate their 10th anniversary, according to several posts published by content creators.

But there’s a bonus for those who choose to get tattooed: a reward of $100 in class credit, terms and conditions read in the email Solidcore sent to all existing members.

“Be part of our community forever with a Solidcore tattoo,” the strange email says.

“To validate your purchase, we request a photo of you with your tattoo, along with your proof of purchase…” another part of the email said.

Even stranger, there is a specific location on the body where the company would like the body art to be displayed, while also emphasizing the “recommended maximum size” of the tattoo at 3×3 in size.

“We recommend that you choose a location that will keep the photo tasteful and avoid any areas that may be too bold,” the email says.

The member must also get the tattoo by a certain deadline, between November 1 and 14.

Social media users criticized the high-end Pilates studio chain, accusing it of being a cult company for a promotion that doesn’t even compensate its members with real money.

High-end Pilates studio Solidcore was mocked for a bizarre campaign that urged members to get its logo tattooed in exchange for $100 in class credits. Solidcore / Instagram

“What the hell is this? What is this cult? [cult] street? Imagine if you got a tattoo for the YMCA, it would be very strange,” said one content creator in a TikTok video viewed more than 49,000 times.

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“For their 10th anniversary, if you get one of these four Solidcore tattoos, they will reimburse you, not in cash, but in Solidcore credit worth $100,” he added sarcastically while showing the email to viewers.

The promotional email then informs participants that they have up to four “approved tattoos” to choose from.

Solidcore confirmed my suspicions that they are actually running a fitness cult to encourage members to get their logo tattooed for a hundred dollar *checks and notes* credit.

– fragrance and silliness (@Brieyonce) November 1, 2023

I just found out about this. Total Insanity // Pilates Studio Solidcore is offering a $100 coupon if you get a permanent tattoo of their logo: The Messenger

— Alicia ✨ (@aliciac) November 6, 2023

Another content creator, who goes by the name Eli Rallo on TikTok, warned people in a video not to get the tattoo, while also sharing his not-so-great experience when he went to a Solidcore location.

“This is scary, don’t get the tattoo. Don’t get the tattoo during two and a half Pilates classes, it’s not worth it. This is pretty crazy,” she begins.

“I thought the vibes there were horrible all the time. It was like 40 bucks, the vibes are atrocious,” she continued. “I always felt that if I made the modifications [exercises] “I was failing the class because of the way they talked.”

Content creators on TikTok couldn't believe that Solidcore was encouraging its members to get tattoos of their company logo. Content creators on TikTok couldn’t believe that Solidcore was encouraging its members to get tattoos of their company logo. @grace.mitscherlich/Tiktok

Solidcore is a full-body intensification workout that works muscles with slower movements to activate slow-twitch muscle fibers, the website describes.

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The popular Pilates club was founded in Washington, DC by American businesswoman Anne Mahlum in 2013, with locations across the country offering classes from $30 to $45.

Other platforms such as Reddit also criticized the promotion, with users making it a laughing stock for anyone who decides to get the tattoo.

“They are crazy,” said one user. “The cost of getting the tattoo alone would probably be more than repaying the credit.”

“If I get a permanent tattoo of their logo, I want free classes while the tattoo is on my body,” another Reddit user joked.

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