ChatGPT Enable Internet browsing function on mobile devices

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OpenAI, the company behind the renowned ChatGPT chatbot, now offers mobile web browsing. ChatGPT Plus users can enjoy a new browsing feature, which allows them to seamlessly access the web within the app. Enhance your ChatGPT Plus experience with this convenient addition.

β€œIn addition, users can now use Navigation to get comprehensive answers and current insights into events and information that extend beyond the model’s original training data,” the company explained.

How to enable the navigation function?

To enable the navigation feature, ChatGPT Plus users need to navigate to the “new features” section of the app’s settings. Users should then select GPT-4 in the model selector and select ‘Browse with Bing’ from the drop down menu.

According to OpenAI, the navigation feature is particularly useful for questions about current events and other information that “exceeds the scope of initial ChatGPT training data.”

Microsoft and OpenAI made a joint announcement earlier this year about launching the navigation capabilities, initially focusing on web-based content. This enhancement greatly improves the usability of ChatGPT as a helper, especially for research purposes. Prior to this update, ChatGPT had trouble providing adequate and accurate answers to questions like “Who won the 2023 March Madness Women’s Tournament?”

ChatGPT recently introduced the shared links feature

ChatGPT introduced the sharing links feature last month, allowing users to effortlessly share their conversations. Shared links allow users to generate a unique URL for a ChatGPT discussion. The link can be shared with colleagues, friends and collaborators. The feature aims to make ChatGPT more interactive and also replaces the previous method of capturing screenshots and sharing the conversation. The feature also allows users to share a conversation with or without their names.

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