Chicago Police Shoot Dog After It Allegedly Bit 3 Of Them, But Witnesses Say It Was Not Aggressive: Report

Chicago police shot a dog early Sunday after three officers were allegedly bitten, but a neighbor who witnessed the shooting said the canine was not acting aggressively.

The encounter took place shortly before 11:30 a.m. in the city’s West Garfield Park neighborhood, the Chicago Police Department said.

Officers were conducting an unknown investigation at a building on West Wilcox Avenue when a “female offender attempted to intervene.”

An unknown person then unleashed two dogs on the officers and three of the officers allegedly suffered dog bites, according to the department.

One of the officers fired his weapon and wounded one of the dogs.

Neighbors said, however, that the canines did not deserve the use of force, according to a local report.

Witnesses said police were passing by the dog owner’s property just before the shooting. ABC News

Brenda Cunningham, who lives next door to the dogs’ owner, said police had just stopped one of her sons while they were walking near the dogs’ property.

The neighbor and his two dogs came out to see what was happening, which caused fear in the officers, he said.

“When the dogs came out, the police became aggressive: ‘Bring the dogs, bring the dogs.’ They are grabbing the dogs. There are two dogs there. “Everyone is grabbing the dogs,” Cunningham told ABC 7.

chicago policeThe three agents were in “good condition” after being taken to the hospital.TNS

“The dogs never got aggressive with these officers… The dog did not once go after the officer to bite him or anything like that, ma’am. No, he didn’t. “That officer just pulled the gun on him and fired twice.”

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Another neighbor said the pet was shot in the face.

The dog was taken to animal care and control, but it is unclear what condition he is in.

The three officers were taken to an area hospital and are in “good condition,” CHP said.

The woman was arrested with pending charges, although it is unclear what role she played in the chaos.

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