See: A cyclist successfully stops a herd of cows with a single gesture

Andrew O’Connor was cycling through the mountains of northern England when he stopped for a snack and noticed a herd of cows approaching him. Watch the adorable video here.

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A cyclist stops a herd of cows with a hand gesture

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While taking a break from his bike ride up Great Dun Fell, the second highest mountain in England, he noticed a herd of cows approaching him.

A desperate farmer begged him to help him stop the stray animals coming down the road. Curious what he did next? Mr O’Connor stood in front of the cows and shouted “stop” as he raised his hands.

Surprisingly, the cows stopped, allowing the farmer to catch up with them before they continued.

O’Connor posted the video on Instagram with the caption: “Strangest thing that has ever happened to me on a bike ride.” “It had something to do with a herd of stray cows.”

Cows are now famous.

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In a later video, Andrew revealed that he contacted the farmer’s daughter, Laura, who informed him that her father, Gary, was delighted that his cows had become “famous.”

On Instagram, the video has approximately 13 million views, 1.5 million likes and several comments. This is what people wrote.

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