Children of Benito Castro: Who are the comedian’s three children that he had with his two wives?

In his two marriages, Benito Castro had three children. Find out who they are and all the information about the children the comedian had on the outside.

Benito Castro recently passed away and with that, many wonder about his personal life, specifically about his wives and the children he had from his two relationships.

The news of Castro’s death has come to shock many throughout Latin America, this is because Benito was known as one of the great comedians of Mexico, and in 2023, his light went out at the age of 77.

On Monday, September 11, it was announced to the media that Castro died regretfully and due to a tragic accident, since in a fall, the actor broke his ribs and they pierced his lung, causing serious internal injuries that caused his death.

His real name was Arturo Castro Hernández, however loved and known better as ‘Benedict’ He also stood out for his controversies. For many years it was rumored that in his great friendship with Paco Stanley, Castro sold drugs to his friend.

Paco Stanley and Benito Castro. Photo: El Siglo de Torreón

Castro always denied these versions, although he openly admitted that he had a great friendship with Paco and that he had drug addiction problems.

In addition to those controversies that were never clarified, Benito Castro was known for his work in the Mexican industry.

One of his notable achievements was composing the music for iconic programs such as “La Carabina de Ambrosio”, where his melody became the soundtrack for the humorous occurrences of this program. Additionally, he contributed to the music of “Llévatelo”, a show that captivated the audience with its humor and entertainment.

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Now that the singer and actor has passed away, many are wondering about his family and personal life, since apparently it was not as simple as the comedian implied during his life.

Who are Benito Castro’s children?

Throughout his life, Benito Castro had three children, products of his two marriages. In total, Castro was married only twice. The first with Karen Kaczmarczyk in 1974.

As a result of this first relationship, Castro had his first son, Benito Jr., who was admitted to the hospital some time ago because he suffers from diabetes, an illness that caused serious complications. Despite that, Castro’s eldest son is known for following in his father’s footsteps in acting and music.

Paco Stanley with his wife and children.  Photo: The Truth NewsPaco Stanley with his wife and children. Photo: The Truth News

After his divorce, Castro married Deborah Ochoa in 2007, with whom he was until the day he died. As a result of this relationship, the Mexican had his second child, Deborah, who has the same name as his mother.

Now, Benito Castro had a third daughter whose name is María José, however, his youngest daughter is the product of an extramarital relationship that the comedian had with Rosita Martínez.

It should be noted that his youngest daughter does not have the last name Castro and regarding this, the Mexican mentioned that due to “life issues”, he had not given it to her.

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