Darnum Warragul car crash: Woman dead, teen severely injured in crash

Chilling waves come from Darnum, Victoria, where a horrific accident occurred causing a passenger to give up her life and others to fight for their lives. According to reports, it was a multi-vehicle accident in which a truck and three cars were piled up. After conducting an investigation, the Victoria Police Department revealed how the grass cutting on the road led to the fatal accident. We have collected all the confirmed and shared details from the police reports. So please be faithful to this page and know what were the circumstances surrounding the accident. Scroll down the page.

Car accident in Darnum Warragul

Police believe that grass cutting on the side of a road caused the fatal crash, piled up three cars and a truck. In this accident, a 30-year-old woman lost her life while a 32-year-old driver and a 14-year-old passenger were left fighting for their lives. This chilling incident occurred on Monday at around 8:40am on Princes Highway in the westbound lanes in the West Gippsland region of Darnum, Victoria. The woman who died in the accident was riding in a bronze-colored Jeep, sitting in the front passenger seat, while the driver of the Jeep and a 14-year-old passenger were seriously injured. Scroll down the page and read more.


The person driving the Jeep is said to be in critical condition, having been fighting for his life. The three occupants of the Jeep are reportedly from the Warragul township. Darryl Out, who is a detective sergeant, said the mowing on the road had changed traffic conditions in the area and vehicles on the road were “stopped or moving very slowly”. He added: “The driver of the truck, for whatever reason, unfortunately hit the last vehicle in the line of cars.”

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Crime scene

In the right lane of the road, the grass was being cut, so vehicles were merging into the left lane and traffic had become congested. Another victim, a 21-year-old driver in a silver Mazda, sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The passengers of the third piled up car, a teenager and a 53-year-old man who were traveling in a white Mitsubishi, were treated at the scene. Police detained the truck driver who is now assisting officers in the investigation. The specific cause of the accident has not yet been explained. However, officers from the Major Collision Investigation Unit are investigating the surrounding circumstances and the cause of the accident.

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