Daughter of Cecilia Galliano, what health problems have you faced?

Cecilia Galliano, one of the most popular actresses and hosts in Mexico, has spoken openly about the health problems that her daughter Valentina has faced. The young woman, 22 years old, has suffered serious health problems.

Cecilia Galliano’s daughter, Valentina Fornaro Galliano, had to undergo emergency surgery after a tumor was detected in one of her breasts at the age of 16.

Galliano has used his social networks to reveal that he lived one of the most distressing moments of his life, with his daughter.

Cecilia Galiano's daughter undergoes emergency surgery for cancerWhen Valentina had surgery.

Second degree burns

In 2022, Valentina suffered an accident in which hot wax fell on her legs. The burns were second degree and required prolonged treatment.

After the accident, Valentina began to suffer from depression and anxiety. The young woman felt isolated and alone, and she had suicidal thoughts.

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Cecilia Galliano and her daughter Valentina have such a good relationship that they seem like friends - Ana María CansecoValentina and Cecilia.

In each of Valentina’s health situations, Cecilia Galliano has been a fundamental pillar in her recovery.

The actress has supported her daughter at all times and has spoken openly about her experience to help other people who are going through the same thing.

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