David Beckham tattoo, tribute to his wife Victoria, when she was a SpiceGirl

David Beckham’s new tattoo is in honor of his wife, this is what the new word tattooed on the former footballer’s body means.

David Beckham’s new tattoo is a tribute to love and the actor has made a new mark in honor of his wife.

It is known that the former soccer player likes ink on his skin, because he has more than 60 tattoos all over his body and now he has added a new one.

In addition, Mark Mahoney is in charge of creating each work of art that Beckham wears on his body, most of which are in honor of his family.

And, on this occasion, it was his wife’s turn, because, if you didn’t know, Victoria was a Spice Girl, her pseudonym was “Posh”, which in Spanish translates to fine or sophisticated.

Therefore, David Beckham decided to get his new tattoo on his hand, with the word “Posh”, as a loving tribute to his wife.

However, it is unknown when he got the new tattoo, the British one, because it was first captured at the unveiling of Marc Anthony’s star on the Walk of Fame on September 7.

Likewise, he has a cross tattooed on his forearm in honor of his son, as a reminder of the love he has for him.

The amount of dollars one of the owners of Inter Miami has invested in his body is unknown, but what he does make clear is that he is not afraid of needles.

David Beckham and his wife Victoria

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham got married on July 4, 1999 and their wedding took place at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland.

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As a result of their marriage, Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz and Harper Beckham were born, so David and Victoria have 4 children in their marriage,

Likewise, this famous couple is one of the strongest and scandal-free within the entertainment industry, giving hope to many to continue believing in love.

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