Delhi to Goa beach? Fake Station Tag on Subway Yellow Line Surprises Passengers, Internet Finds Hilarious Prank

Lately, the Delhi Metro has been in the headlines. With Delhiites doing the strangest things on trains, there are new moments every day that seem to surprise people on the internet.

Something like this happened once again when an Instagram user named Punit Tripathi posted a video showing how a new metro station had been added to the yellow line connecting Samaypur Badli to Huda city center.

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Delhi to Goa beach, prank sticker on metro map leaves internet in divisions

Delhi Metro Goa Beach Route Prank Viral VideoWikimedia Commons

In the clip, Tripathi captured a prank made by an anonymous passenger who had amusingly added a fake station to the Yellow Line. Just after the last station on the line, which is Samaypur Badli, someone posted a white note and marked the fancy station as “Goa Beach”.

The clip also added flames to the fire, as the caption read, “Can Delhi Metro now take you to Goa beach?” The poster later joked in its caption: “The people of Delhi are completing travel goals like this.”

Look the following video:

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People on the internet found the joke hilarious.

While the fake subway station was obviously a joke, the sticker could cause problems for first-time travelers who might get confused by the added station. However, people on the Internet were not really worried about such danger and rather enjoyed the joke.

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One user guessed: “Ye pakka kisi UP waale ki harkat hai.” While one sarcastically wrote: “Goa pahunchna itna affordable hogaya… pata hi nahi tha warna ho aaye hote ab tak.” One user shared how he had witnessed something similar on a Delhi Metro train: “Hahah, I have seen the same thing. Someone wrote Bihar.”

Delhi Metro Goa Beach Joke Commentsinstagram

Despite the fact that the sticker could cause problems for some passengers, the prank was not the worst thing Delhi has to offer. Earlier, a video of a woman dressed as ‘Manjulika’ from the film ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ and wandering the carriages of the Delhi metro went viral. In the video, the woman is seen entering the subway with tousled hair, a traditional Indian dance outfit, some jewelry, and messy makeup on her face. She tries to scare the passengers as part of a content joke.

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