Dubai Porta Potty Stories Reddit: Watch Flight Attendant Shared Her Experience

The biggest shocking and hilarious news is here. recently, a flight attendant named “Erm” shared her word experience with Dubai PortaPotty. So the people who don’t know what is PortaPotty so is a party where are rich people in Dubai and invite a lot of models and girls there just to eat their poop. This is really hilarious, right? A lot of people have written about these types of parties. This part only happens in Dubai. The models who eat poop there receive a heavy amount. Now a girl name Erm shared her experience about this party. She is a flight attendant. So to know what she said read the whole article till the end.

Dubai Porta Potty Stories Reddit

Erm wrote She cannot believe that she is writing this, but she has to tell this everyone. She shared her weird experience through a video that she shared on her TikTok account. You can find her TikTok account by the name @ebrahim_ka. She is a flight attendant but she is also a Dubai-based influencer. In the video she said, if you do not know what is Dubai Porta Potty trend, she begs everyone to not search for this at all. her shared video has gone viral on the internet.

In the video, Erm said, that a lot of models and Dubai-based influencers are offered more than $1 million for the opportunity of defecating on big businessman faces. The Tiktoker and former flight attendant @hocusbogus2.0 has considered the rumors. Once she claimed to have seen models and influencers talking about participating in Porta Potty. She shared an incident where some passengers were eating high-fiber foods while they were on the way to Dubai when they were bragging about what they are going to do. This is such a weird ritual. Scroll down to know more about this incident.

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As per Hocusbogus, one of her friends told that someone is eating a high-class meal in the first-class seat. So these things maid flight attendant ask some questions to them. So she listened to the talks who were sitting in flight class. So the passengers were chatting and the girl said yes baby she is having her fiber meal, the flight attendant said she was eating all this sit like oatmeal. So then she didn’t ask her anything, but the passenger was saying it repeatedly that she is having her fiber food. So this was all about this case. For more articles like this follow PKB news.

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