Eduardo Clemesha, the visionary Mexican producer

Eduardo Clemesha is a renowned Mexican producer who has left a deep mark on the entertainment industry.

Eduardo Clemesha’s career as a producer began to take shape in the 1990s.

From his earliest days, he displayed an innate talent for identifying compelling stories and bringing them to the big screen.

His passion for film and television prompted him to look for projects that could captivate Mexican and global audiences.

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Featured projects by Eduardo Clemesha

Eduardo Clemesha has participated in a series of film and television projects that have received praise both in Mexico and abroad. Some of the more notable projects he has been involved in include:

  1. “El Crimen del Padre Amaro” (2002): This film, directed by Carlos Carrera and produced by Eduardo Clemesha, was a great success in Mexico and at several international film festivals. It addressed controversial and social issues with depth, which made it a reference point in contemporary Mexican cinema.
  2. “The Violin” (2005): Another successful collaboration between Clemesha and Carrera, this film received the jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Its moving narrative and distinctive filmmaking style made it a masterpiece of independent cinema.
  3. “Grandma’s Secrets” (2008): This family film directed by Alberto Cortés and produced by Clemesha captured the hearts of viewers with its emotional story and focus on family values.
  4. “Crónica de Castas” (2014): Eduardo Clemesha has also ventured into television with this series that explored cultural and social issues in Mexican society. The series was acclaimed for its storytelling and authentic representation.
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Eduardo Clemesha


Eduardo Clemesha is a visionary producer who has contributed significantly to the world of entertainment in Mexico and beyond.

Likewise, his ability to identify powerful stories and his dedication to bringing them to the big and small screen have made him an influential figure in the film and television industry.

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