Eleanor Williams Trial and Mental Health Injuries: Defendant Jordan Trengove

Parents always want their children to reach the pinnacle of success and for that, they spend their lifetime earnings on them. Even children also do their best to make their parents proud. However, some children ruin their reputations and destroy their own careers by doing such things that end up causing controversy and ending up in prison. There is a 22 year old woman currently making headlines after she made a big fake story about being raped and assaulted. The woman identified as Eleanor Williams accused 4 men of raping and assaulting her. Not only this, she added that her group trafficked her for sex when she was only 12 years old.

Eleanor Williams trial and mental health injuries

To make her story more realistic, she shared photos of her injuries where her body and face were badly beaten and bruised. After seeing her horrible condition, everyone is shocked and wants to know more about her case and her current condition. However, there was soon a twist to this and the story of hers turned out to be untrue and untrue. The new twist, in this case, states that this young woman falsely denounced the men. Users of social networks are confused about her and those who first demanded justice for her began to appeal to imprison her and demand justice for innocent men.

Eleanor Williams

Finally, this week justice was done and the lady was sentenced to 8 years in prison for eight counts of obstruction of justice. It is quite depressing to see that the laws and punishments created to bring justice to the victims are misused by some women and their false claims and accusations sometimes destroy the lives of innocent men. Speaking of the case of Eleanor Williams, she cut off a part of her finger in May 2020, hit her eye with the use of a hammer, and injured a large part of her body to show that she had been attacked by the men.

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Eleanor Williams

This young woman did her best to prove that her story was true. Several people are questioning her mental health as the trial/case has concluded. Looking at the case, it is obvious that anyone would think: “Is she in her right mind about her?” People want to know the details of her mental health, but no official record has been released. According to her false claim, Cameron Bibby, William’s first victim, allegedly forced Eleanor to have sex in 2017 at the House Party held in Barrow, and she was 16 years old at the time. Bibby spent 6 months on bail after this false claim. After that, Jordan Trengove became her second target. He met Eleanor at the local nightclub in March 2019. He then accused her of drugging and raping her.

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