Fact Check: Is Wickes’ Son Dead? Nyesom Wike’s son was shot dead The death hoax debunked

It is very shocking to hear that the only son of Rivers State Governor Wike was assassinated in California, USA. We are shocked and stunned after hearing this news. People are in agony after hearing this tragic news. Furthermore, it has taken over the internet by storm. Netizens express their sorrow over the death of Governor Wike’s only son. In fact, they’re also frantic to find out who killed Governor Wike’s only son. Regarding the same, there are innumerable questions that prevail among people. Therefore, they are looking for web articles to know in detail how this happens. Here we have found all the imperative aspects covered in the following sections. Scroll down the page and take a look below for more details.

Is Wickes’s son dead?

The report that reached the desk of PKBNews claims that Governor Wike’s only son was killed in California, USA. Here the first question that comes to mind is what was the cause of death of Governor Wike’s son or how Governor Wike’s son died? The report stated that Governor Wike’s only son was shot and killed in California, USA. That means his cause of death was a fatal gunshot wound. Who killed him? Kindly switch to the next section and read the answer to this question.

dead Wicke's son

Before further discussing it, we tell you that this news was reported by Igbo Times. According to the Igbo Times, Governor Wike’s son was shot dead by an 18-year-old. The person who ambushed Governor Wike’s son has yet to be identified. His identity has not yet been revealed. The next question that arises in people’s minds is, why did the 18-year-old kill Governor Wike’s son? Drag down the page and read more details.

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dead Wicke's son

Nyesom Wike Son Shot Death Hoax

Governor Wike’s only son was reportedly killed by Governor Wike’s actions in the Rivers election. Yes, you heard that right, people are speculating that the death of Governor Wike’s son is a fallout from his actions in the Rivers election. However, the official report has not yet come out about it. Report authentication is also pending at this time. But we are on it, and fact checking, updated information will be added to this website. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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