Remarkable transformation: Suresh Pillai’s journey from caterer boy to celebrity chef

Suresh Pillai, a well known celebrity chef, is known for introducing the rich food of Kerala to the world. He currently runs several restaurants and has a large following on social media who swear by his delicious meals.

However, he came from a humble background and worked odd jobs to get to where he is today, just like many successful people. On Monday, he revealed his experience on Twitter, along with a photo of himself as a caterer at an event. Here is his story:

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The humble beginning of star chef Suresh Pillai

This 18-year-old caterer serving food at a random reception is the same Chef Pillai you know me today. A friend of mine sent me this photo a few days ago and it took me back years. When you have nothing, you have to start somewhere, right? All my life I have been a…

-suresh pillai (@chef_pillai) May 29, 2023

In a recently shared tweet, Suresh Pillai received an old recipe from a friend and, feeling nostalgic, the chef took us back to a very sweet memory.

He shared a photo where he was 18 years old and the caterer serving food at a random reception was none other than Chef Pillai as he is known today. Seeing a photo sent by a friend brought back memories of his humble beginnings. Starting from scratch is usually necessary when you have nothing. Throughout his life, Chef Pillai has prided himself on being a businessman.

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His entrepreneurial journey began in sixth or seventh grade when he discovered a grapefruit tree at home, which quickly became his childhood favorite fruit.

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To earn some pocket money, he would get up at 5 am to pluck grapefruits and sell them in the market for 25 paise a piece, or 4/5 for a rupee. The sight of a few rupee notes gave him immense joy and a sense of accomplishment.

As he reminisced about his childhood, memories of going to the Panakkattodil Devi Temple for the festival arose. What started as a simple visit soon turned into another source of pocket money.

Chef Pillai did many odd jobs before gaining fame

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Chef Pillai began selling whole roasted peanuts during the festival. He would take the government ferry to the town of Kollam, buy 2 to 3 kilograms of raw groundnuts, sand roast them and sell them for one rupee each. To attract more customers, he strategically positioned himself near the fireworks, musical performances, and dramatic stage.

This burning desire to do business, earn money and achieve success led Chef Pillai to seize every opportunity that came his way.

In some cases, he even created his own opportunities. During his teenage years, he worked as a hotel waiter, a cleaner at a temple restaurant, and a catering boy, among other jobs. These experiences served as a springboard for his current position.

Chef Pillai believes that it’s natural to feel stuck and confused at times, not knowing what to do next. However, he encourages others to keep trying and just start somewhere.

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According to him, the dots can only be connected in hindsight, as Steve Jobs once said. By taking the first step, the rest will gradually settle in.

In conclusion, Chef Pillai’s journey from being a caterer boy to his current self serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the willingness to seize opportunities. He stresses the importance of getting started, as everything will work out eventually.

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