Fact Check: Nathanael Cano died in an accident? Mexican rapper Death Hoax Trending

It is said that Natanael Cano passed away. People want to know more about him. What happened to him? You will get complete details about Natanael Cano in this article. Keep reading for more details.

What happened to Nathanael Cano?

It is said that Natanael Cano passed away. Is the rumor of his death true? People want to know more about him. He is a Mexican rapper. He started mainly in 2017. He draws people’s attention and is known for his Mexican and American hip-hop music. Some of his hit songs include El De Los Lentes Gucci, Sour Diesel, El De la Codeina and No Se Por Que Tanto Enredo. He also has a few awards to his name. He has won Premio Juventud for Regional Spicy Song and Premio Juventud for OMG Collaboration.

Nathanael Cano

Has Nathanael Cano passed away?

The news of the death of Natanael Cano has gone viral on social networks. Has he passed away? They are discussing more with him. Well, the death of Natanael Cano has been a rumor until now. As there is still no confirmation of his death news. It is said that he is active on Instagram. He continually shares Instagram stories. This means that the death rumors about him were false. He is alive and doing well in his life.

Nathanael Cano

People are speculating about his death as it is said that he was involved in an accident. Rumors of his accident were said to have gone viral after he posted a video on Instagram of a car whose front end was destroyed. In 2022, he again faces an accident in which he was hospitalized. He had one leg immobile. He is doing well in his life. His previous accidents were confused with the current ones. The news of his death began to circulate after that. He is alive and well. The news was false. There has been no confirmation from official sources about his death.

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Nathanael Cano

Nathanael Cano Net Worth:

Natanael Cano’s net worth is estimated at $4.9 million. Her main income comes from professional rap. Other than that, she also does sponsorship and partnership with brands. He has earned money from different sources. He also does his live performance. You can follow him on his Instagram profile @natanael_cano. He has a verified page on Instagram. People love him and he has a huge following. Rumors of his death are viral on the Internet. He is alive and well in his life. All the rumors were false. All this was due to the rumors of death of Natanael Cano. Stay tuned for more details.

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