Fact Check: Will Bright Vachirawit Leave GMMTV? What happened to Bright Vachirawit?

After having new opportunities, people often change jobs. If you want to grow then it is essential to leave your comfort zone and look for better opportunities. That’s why many people change jobs. Usually these things never affect the lives of others, but when people hear the news about famous personalities changing jobs, it becomes the topic of discussion. Over the past few years, we have been constantly hearing news of this kind. This time a similar news has also appeared on the Internet. Reports indicate that Bright Vachirawit has resigned from GMMTV. His fans are stunned by this news and want to know the reason for his dismissal.

Will Bright Vachirawit leave GMMTV?

Well this time the news is true and it really leaves GMMTV. He himself confirmed this news and many of the fans are upset about it. GMMTV is a famous television production and artist management company. Vachirawit was with the company for about 5 years. He shares this shocking news during an interview and states that he is happy to start the new chapter of his life. He even claims that now that his contract with the firm is up, he hopes to establish his own entertainment business. He even states, “Right now, I am entering a new phase of my professional journey and have plans to start my own entertainment company.”

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He further added that “within 2 days, my association with GMMTV will end. I am grateful to P’Tha, CEO of GMMTV, for helping me establish my career in the entertainment industry and also for introducing me to new opportunities.” He states that he plans to become an independent actor and is open to collaborating with many agencies and production companies. Meanwhile, his fans are happy with his decision and show immense love and support for him, and are already excited for his upcoming projects.

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However, GMMTV has not shared any official statement on the matter and people are looking to find out. There are many other people who want to know about Bright Vachirawit. We understand people’s curiosity and share some information about it. Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree is a famous Thai artist who is not only limited to acting but also a model and singer. He has worked on numerous series including F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, 2gether: The Series, Toe Laew variety show, Astrophile, etc. He has won numerous awards for his talent and is a role model for others.

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