Fact check: Will Dan Wootton leave GB News?

It seems that reporters and newscasters are busier creating controversy than sharing news. One after the other, we only hear the news that is geared towards the new anchors, and unfortunately, most of them are quite scandalous and ignite anger among the people. Earlier we heard the news of a BBC presenter being accused of paying big bucks in exchange for explicit photos of a minor. And now another newscaster is in the news for the Catfishing scandal. According to viral reports, GB News presenter and MailOnline columnist Dan Wootton hid behind fake online identities to trick and bribe dozens of men into revealing compromising sexual material.

Will Dan Wootton leave GB News?

A news website may reveal in the first part of a 3-year special investigation. This kind of news is quite shocking to hear as it is hard to believe that such things have happened around us at the hands of famous personalities. The reports in this case further add that Dan Wootton targeted fellow journalists, friends and members of the public for at least a decade. The news website sharing this story shared extensive evidence to prove that between June 2008 and after 2018, the 40-year-old newscaster posed as a fictitious showbiz agent named “Martin Branning “to offer money of around £30,000 “tax free” to his targets, several of whom were straight men.

Dan Wootton

They reportedly include a senior executive at Rupert Murdoch’s News UK along with at least 6 other staff members who worked at “The Sun” newspaper, one with a very close connection to the News UK chief executive. , Rebekah Brookspalls, Facebook associates, and users of dating apps like Gaydar and Grinder. After that, victims submitted criminal reports to Scotland Yard without being familiar with the details of their tormentor’s true identity with investigating officers privy to Branning’s activities.

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Dan Wootton

A news website knows the names of those involved but, to safeguard the suffering and the course of justice, they will not be disclosed to the public. After the news broke, the 40-year-old host took the 2 weeks off from his station to visit her family, who reside near Wellington in her native New Zealand. When he was away from the station, in his absence, the news agency has covered up the money-for-sex-images controversy by shutting down the BBC and its direct presenter Huw Edwards, explaining the story under the headline “nuclear bomb”. As of now, we only know a lot of details, but we’ll be back soon.

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