Fed Up Dementia Viral Video: Original Gore Of The Murder Of Fed Up Dementia Leaked

A heinous crime has been reported from a foreign country where a famous personality has been found dead. This news has caused a lot of sensation among his fans and reports indicate that it is a murder case. The victim is identified as Eliseo Duarte and this news has caused a shock among his fans who are showing their condolences to his family and friends. The reports further added that a video or audio related to his death was posted online and is now circulating all over the web. People are constantly sharing this video with each other and talking about the incident.

Fed Up Dementia Viral Video

Since people heard this news and saw the video or heard the audio of the incident, fear settled in their hearts and they also worry about their safety. Those who have not seen the video or heard the audio are eager to learn the nature of his death. If the reports are to be believed, he was killed by someone. Reports indicate that he was allegedly shot and now people want to know about the suspect and the reason for his death. Eliseo Duarte Calero was a famous personality and he was also popular on social media platforms and that is why this news is drawing attention all over the world and mainly young people are mourning his passing away.

According to reports, in the last few hours, audios have been circulating that would supposedly reveal the reason why this famous social media influencer was shot. Other than that, there are many people who want to know more about this social media personality and get confused after hearing the word “Harta Demenica”, so we came here to clear up the confusion. Eliseo Duarte Calero was also known as “Harta Demenica” in Ecuador and that is why this word is going viral along with the audio. Reports indicate that the popularity of “Harta Dementia” and his work on the Internet made him a foster home 2 months ago.

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fed up dementia gore

In addition, this foster home was a refuge or a kind of nursing home for drug addicts. However, this refuge is considered illegal by the police authorities. This shelter is located in the Nueva Prosperina sector of Guayaquil and was assaulted by at least 5 subjects who broke down the doors and killed everyone who was in said shelter. Reports indicate that the assassins murdered 4 people and 2 survived, including Duarte. According to the viral audio, those who sell drugs and other intoxicating and illegal items in that area had previously warned the social media influencer and social worker to stay away lest their clients be driven to repossession.

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