FF Unban Date, Garena FF Unban News in India, New Season Updates

Check details about Garena FF Unban Date, Unban News in India and new season updates in this article. Different details about Garena FF Unban Date, Unban News in India, new season updates and other important details are included in this article.

Garena FF unban date

Created by Garena, Free Fire is a free game available in many places around the world. Since its launch in 2017, Garena FF has gained a significant number of players from many places, especially India. Despite having a large number of Indian players, Garena FF could not stay in India for long as the Indian government decided to ban it along with more than 50 other apps.

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Apart from Garena FF, another popular game, PUBG, was also banned. However, Krafton published it after changing his name and agreeing to all the terms of the Indian Government. However, the rest of the apps are still banned from the Play Store in India. Currently, there is no news regarding the actual unbanning date of Grarena FF in India.

Garena FF Overview

Game Free shot
Platform Android, iOS
Guy multiplayer
developer garena
Initial release date December 8, 2017
The country that banned the FF India
ban date February 2022
Website ff.garena.com
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Garena FF Unban News in India

Although it has been more than a year since Garena FF was banned in India, players are still hoping that Garena FF will be removed as soon as possible. Despite the ban on the initial version of Garena FF, another variant of Garena FF Max is still available on the Play Store.

After Garena FF was banned, many players opted for Garena FF Max. This version is almost similar to Garena FF; However, there are some minor changes to the gameplay and major changes to the graphics and sound quality. News regarding Garena FF unbanning in India is expected to be announced soon.

Updates to unlock Garena FF

A video was recently published on the official Garena Free Fire YouTube channel giving the news about the new season. Many fans were waiting for Garena to release the news about the ban removal date. However, the video featured news about the upcoming season of Free Fire Max, not Free Fire.

New season of Garena FF

Despite that, many still believe that Garena FF could be removed and released in late 2023. However, Garena has not provided any news regarding its development in India. For this, many players frequently consult the official Garena FF website. Garena publishes all patch notes, news, esports details, wallpapers, games and other important things on its official website.

New season of Garena FF

The details of the new season of Garena FF were published on August 8, 2023 on the official Garena website. However, details about the new patch (OB 41) were released on August 5, 2023 on the official Free Fire YouTube channel as an episode of the Kelly Show.

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Although the new season is approaching, it will not arrive in Garena FF. Instead, it will launch on Garena FF Max. The new Garena FF Max patch contains many important additions and updates to various modes of the game. Some of the updates included the New Zombie Hunt series, Suzy, and a redesigned Peak.

Garena FF new season updates

Some of the major updates/changes to Garena FF Max included in the new patch notes are:

    • Airdrops will appear in rounds 3, 4 and 5 of CS matches.
    • In addition to items, players will receive Cyber ​​Points.
    • With the new Cyber ​​Airdrop, players can not only get amazing items but can also purchase powerful items with the help of Cyber ​​Points.
    • Addition of a new mission in the game called Defense Arsenal.
    • After capturing this arsenal, a UAV will appear and search for nearby enemies. However, it can be destroyed by enemies.
    • Addition of the Solo Dare feature.
    • The Solo Dare mission can be purchased by the last surviving player. The location of the player who activated the solo challenge mission can be seen on the map by the rest of the enemy players.
  • MAP
    • Peak reset on Bermuda map. The spike has now been reduced so that players can gain greater depth of space.
    • Purgatory is back as a ranked map.

Garena FF new season update

  • Mode
    • The return of Zombie Hunt as Zombie Hunt: Double Evil.
    • A new character will also be coming with these updates.
    • Suzy the bounty hunter.
    • Aside from this, some rework has been done on the following characters: Nairi, Shani, Antonio, Shirou, Andrew the Fierce, and Skyler.
    • Addition of K/D interface in classification.
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