Florida man arrested trying to ‘run’ across the Atlantic Ocean in a giant hamster wheel in the middle of a hurricane

A daredevil Florida marathoner was arrested trying to cross the Atlantic on what is effectively a giant hamster wheel, with a hurricane approaching.

Reza Baluchi, 44, was seen late last month about 70 miles off the coast of Tybee Island, Georgia, as Hurricane Franklin caused life-threatening surge and tore apart current conditions, in a criminal complaint shared by Fox News.

The photos showed him in the middle of a peculiar homemade contraption, or Hydro Pod, which consists of a metal drum with inflatable buoys on each side, as well as paddles powered by him running inside the ball.

“Based on the condition of the ship, which was afloat as a result of cables and buoys, USCG officers determined that Baluchi was undertaking a manifestly unsafe voyage,” the affidavit said.

Baluchi reportedly told his rescuers that he planned to “run” more than 4,000 more miles to cross the ocean to London, and then repeatedly threatened to commit suicide rather than end his risky race.

Reza Baluchi, 44, was arrested last week after Coast Guard officials found him inside a homemade boat off the coast of Georgia. AFP/Getty Images
baluchiThe officers asked Baluchi standard questions before deeming him to be making a “manifestly unsafe journey.” Facebook / Pray Baluchi
hamster ballBaluchi was rescued 70 miles off the coast of Tybee Island, Georgia, by Coast Guard officials. X/USCG Southeast

He claimed to have a 12-inch knife and even a bomb, sparking a three-day standoff before he finally disembarked Friday at the USCG base in Miami Beach, Florida.

Baluchi’s strange attempt to reinvent the wheel failed dramatically, as he was indicted on federal charges for obstruction of boarding and violation of a Harbor Master order.

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Baluchi was previously prevented from performing similar stunts on his Hydro Pod in 2014, 2016 and 2021.

baluchiBaluchi has pulled similar stunts at least three other times before, dating back to 2014. Flagler County Sheriff’s Office
Baluchi hamster ballBaluchi threatened to take his own life if officers tried to arrest him and falsely claimed he had a bomb on board. Tribune News Service via Getty Images

“My goal is not only to raise money for the homeless, but also to raise money for the Coast Guard, to raise money for the police department and to raise money for the fire department,” Baluchi told Fox 35 after his stunt. 2021.

“They are in public service, they do it for security and they help other people.”

Even after being detained several times, Baluchi said he did not plan to give up.

Pray Baluchi in a hamster ballBaluchi said he was making the trip to raise money for numerous charitable causes, including the U.S. Coast Guard. Facebook / Reza Baluchi
Baluchi Coast GuardBaluchi faces federal charges of obstruction of shipment and violation of a Harbor Master order. Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

“I will never give up on my dream. They stop me four or five times, but I never give up,” she stated.

With mail cables.

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