Football fan found dead: Birmingham City, 32, who punched Jack Grealish found dead

It’s not necessary that only big celebrities stay in the news, sometimes their loyal fans caught the eye too. The simple reason is their obsession with their favorite star which makes them do something which becomes the reason they are in the news. And once they’re in the news, they become the subject of interest themselves. One of those soccer fans is in the news, but sadly not because of his obsession with the game or the player, but because of his passing. The passing news of him is quite shocking and people want to know the reason and who the fan is and why people are looking for him.

Soccer fan found dead

This football fan made the news in the year 2019 after he was jailed for running onto the field and punching or punching Jack Grealish. Now, after 4 years, people are talking about him again, but this time he is in the news because of his death. Reports state that the dead body of the 32-year-old man has been found, shocking all social media platforms and people are eager to know the cause of death. Other than that, all social media is flooded with condolences and tributes are paid to Paul Mitchell. Social media users are sending their condolences to his mother named Debbie Drew after learning of the family’s loss.

Soccer fan found dead

Reports indicate that he was allegedly found dead at an address located in Birmingham. The deceased was serving 4 weeks of his sentence after pleading guilty to attacking and invading the field of play after accepting that he had done it “as a joke”. After this illegal act, he was banned from attending any soccer game for at least 10 years as part of his punishment. Debbie Drew, the mother of the deceased declared that “We are totally devastated with the passing of him and our family really loved him very much. We still do not believe that he is no longer among us. In addition to his mother, several football fans remember him through social media platforms.

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Soccer fan found dead

Lucy Mitchell, cousin of the late football fan, “Paul absolutely adored his 3 children. He always made everyone have a big smile on his face. He was a kind person who had a good heart. Surely everyone misses him.” Other than that, he was jailed again in the year 2022 for ignoring his football fan as stated by the media outlet. He was in the midst of an exuberant commemoration at the time of the Birmingham City game. The reason for his passing has yet to be determined, but we hope to get the details soon.

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