Friends and Rivals, this is how Cristian Castro reacted because Luis Miguel did not recognize him in Argentina

Cristian Castro breaks the silence and reacts to Luis Miguel’s indifference in Argentina, creating a scene of friends and rivals.

Like the soap opera, friends and rivals, Cristian Castro’s failed meeting with Luis Miguel has the Mexican singer resentful.

“He doesn’t want to greet me,” were one of the several statements made by the Azul interpreter, when he was unable to greet the person he considered his friend.

Furthermore, Cristian Castro had hoped to greet his childhood friend in the dressing room, but he only looked at him in the audience.

Cristian Castro’s reaction on the Noche al Dente program. Photo: YouTube.

Castro mentioned that Luis Miguel seemed too focused on his show and that perhaps the “Bikina” singer was under the stress of his tour.

An unconditional friendship

“Before we were more friends, we even went out riding the jet ski together and he was calmer. Now I see him a little more serious, more closed, but no matter what happens, I am going to continue admiring and respecting him,” Cristián mentioned. Castro. .

Likewise, Cristian Castro stated that he is not resentful of what happened, but he did question what happened, why Luis Miguel did not greet him.

However, in part of the Noche al Dente interview, the host asked Castro what his favorite Luis Miguel song was and his reaction was as expected.

“Everyone knows that I die for Luis Miguel,” said the interpreter of “For loving you like this”, making it clear that he does not hold any resentment for who his friend Luis Miguel was, although they will meet in moments of friends and rivals.

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Likewise, he added that he enjoyed the concert, to which the host of the program commented that the outfit used was very appropriate for the occasion and in his Argentine tone told him “you were very cool, great look.”

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