From ‘Panchayat’ To Oscars: Bihar Actor’s Film ‘Champaran Mutton’ Enters Semifinals For Oscar’s Student Academy Award

Meet Falak Khan, the talented actor from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, who is making waves in cinema. Her short film ‘Champaran Mutton’ has reached the semifinal round of the prestigious Oscar Student Academy Award, a remarkable achievement for both her and her team. 

Filled with gratitude and excitement, Falak acknowledges the collaborative effort that led to this significant milestone. 

In an interview with ANI, Falak Khan described her film as a touching story that delves into the everyday struggles middle-class families face. She said, “I am thankful to the team for this achievement. This results from the hard work we all put in.”

A cinematic gem from the heartland of India has reached the hallowed halls of the #AcademyAwards, or the #Oscars. “Champaran Mutton,” a short film made by the young people of #Bihar, has been selected as one of the semifinalists for the prestigious Student Academy Award.

— Bihar Foundation (@biharfoundation) July 31, 2023

Ranjan Kumar, a director from the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, helmed the film.

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This film portrays the resilient spirit of Bihar’s people, showcasing how a man returns to his village after losing his job during the lockdown and strives to fulfill his wife’s wish of eating mutton.

The lead roles in the 24-minute film are played by Chandan Rai, known as Panchayat Wale ‘Vikas,’ and Falak Khan. 

Panchayat Season 2Panchayat Season 2

Chandan Roy, known for his role as Vikas in the web series Panchayat, takes on the lead role in this film. 

Interestingly, Chandan decided to work for free in the film, as he hails from Bihar and felt deeply connected to its theme. The film revolves around the aftermath of the lockdown, portraying the hardships people faced, with many losing their jobs, creating a challenging situation for everyone involved.

Out of over 1,700 films submitted from film training institutes worldwide, ‘Champaran Mutton’ secured a nomination for this prestigious award. The actor expressed confidence and hope that her film would advance to the final round in pursuit of the coveted honor.

She provided more insights into the movie and revealed that it centers around a middle-class family coping with the challenges of the lockdown, particularly the hardships arising from widespread job losses.


“It is a story of a young man who is rendered jobless during the lockdown but tries to win over the girl he loves despite his personal troubles. The fill is set on a rural backdrop,” she added.

It will compete with 16 films to have made it to the semifinal round of Oscar’s Student Academy Award.

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