Get print-worthy family photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer

A photo restoration software or app is a must for any type of user due to its extensive benefits. Even if you are not a professional working in graphic design or photography, you still have a lot of images, both physical and digital. An old photo restoration application program can bring them back to life by removing the marks of damage or even enhancing them in various ways. One of the most common reasons people use a photo restorer is to make their old family photos feel new again and store them. Given that, we will enter VanceAI Photo Restorer, an online application based on AI photo restoration that can restore old photos by erasing the damage marks and coloring them as well.

Part 1: Why choose an AI Photo Restorer?

When it comes to photo restoration and image editing, there are now many options and many ways to get results. Previously, people downloaded and installed software programs like Photoshop to restore old photos. Naturally, Photoshop is still popular and one of the best options around, but the software isn’t designed for everyone. In fact, one of the most common complaints people have with Photoshop and similar software applications is that they are complicated to use. They usually require an expert to run the app, especially for complicated tasks like restoring photos as it requires a lot of editing. Not to mention that such software applications are also demanding on the computer system; otherwise they will be delayed and cause trouble. However, it should be noted that an application like Photoshop still gives great results if used correctly.

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On the other hand, AI-based online image editing apps including are becoming popular among many users. When it comes to such apps, they are powered by artificial intelligence and thus do not require users to manually restore old family photos. The AI ​​algorithms are automatic and process the image on their own. All the user has to do is upload an image and manage the settings, if necessary. Also, their inline design structure allows them to delegate heavy processing to servers instead of a local computer system. With the increase in features and payment options, AI-powered online apps like VanceAI are definitely becoming the best option for users.

Part 2: How to restore old photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer?

Now let’s see the easy steps on how to use VanceAI Photo Restorer to enhance old family photos online.

  1. Use the AI ​​photo restore link to get access to the home page of the Photo Restorer tool. The page has more information about the application and the Upload image option that you can click to continue.

Old photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer

2. VanceAI Restorer Workspace is a place where you can upload images, check remaining image credits, switch between different VanceAI tools, and more. Upload an image and click start processing to advance

VanceAI Restorer's Workspace

3. After a few seconds, you will see a popup appear on the Processed tab. Go there, click on the Preview icon on the right and use the Download image button to save the image to your device.

Download image

Part 3: Old Photos Restored by VanceAI Photo Restorer

Here are some examples of family photos restored by the VanceAI Photo Restorer online tool.

1. Old restored family photo

Restored old family photo

Photo restorer does a great job on this old family photo as the new image once again looks like new. The previous image had quite a few damage marks that were randomly visible throughout the photo. Also, the color in the image didn’t actually look natural and instead made the photo appear blurry. The new image significantly improves both aspects. This tool can remove scratches from old family photos online in a few seconds without much hassle. Not to mention, the new image has much sharper colors.

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2. Face enhancement

face enhancement

Enhancing portraits or faces is often a big problem for users and rightly so, as many of the most memorable old photos tend to be portraits of beloved family members. Therefore, being able to restore family photos like the one above is essential for an online photo restoration tool. In that case, VanceAI Photo Restorer is definitely worth recommending because of how well it manages to clean up the damaged marks on the old photo and revitalize it in the new image.

3. Colored restoration

Colored Restoration

One feature that is especially available in VanceAI Photo Restorer and not many other similar apps is that users can restore old photos and colorize them. When it comes to photo restoration now users appreciate more when the app can provide additional features and hence benefits. The ability to colorize old photos is huge because many users would like to make old photos look modern and this feature does exactly that. You can colorize all kinds of old family photos, from portraits to landscapes.


A photo restorer is definitely a must-have type of image editing tool, regardless of the type of work you do. While the above examples talk about how you can restore your own old family photos for printing and framing for personal use, you can still benefit from such a tool professionally. Many make use of such tools to get a lot of old aesthetic images and use them for marketing. Not to mention, print itself is a huge market in the online space. Given the added benefits of other VanceAI tools, there are plenty of options for users to choose from when it comes to photo restoration and general image editing.

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Additional VanceAI Options

VanceAI is a constantly growing online platform for image editing and enhancement that offers various tools to users for all kinds of photo editing tasks. The photo restoration app is just one of the vast list of tools that are available online for users to try. All users receive three free image credits per month that can be used in any VanceAI tool. As for tools, you can use VanceAI Image Enhancer, which is a tool that uses AI algorithms to improve image quality without having to upscale them. This tool can be a good option to use in conjunction with the AI ​​photo restore tool. Besides, you can also use VanceAI Photo Colorizer if you want to color your old image in a different way.

VanceAI’s online website offers three types of subscriptions. You can buy the annual plan which costs $4.99 per month with additional benefits or the monthly plan for $9.99 per month. You can also purchase 600 image credits at one time for $24.99. Paid users enjoy more features like batch processing, faster servers, and more. This can give a big boost to your overall productivity when editing images with VanceAI.

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