Going Vegan: Leona Eats Leaves In Rare Viral Video, Internet Is Amazed

Lions have long been considered the undisputed kings of the wild. Despite having faced rivalry from larger and more ferocious animals, the wild cat retains its title. However, in a recent video that went viral on the internet, people questioned everything they thought they knew about lions, as they simply gawked at what the feline was doing in the clip.

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Watch Lioness Munch On Leaves in a Viral Video

Leona eats leaves in viral videoTwitter

A video went viral on Twitter after it was shared by Susanta Nanda, an officer with the Indian Forest Service (IFS). In the clip, a lioness was doing something unexpected: eating grass and leaves.

The clip was fascinating to many, showing the lioness clinging to the branches of a tree and chewing on the green leaves. We don’t normally see powerful predators like lions doing this in the wild, but there are interesting reasons why it might behave this way.

The forestry officer confirmed in his tweet that the lions were enjoying their occasional vegan lunches. While this may only be a rare occurrence, sometimes when lions are facing stomach aches or hydration deficiencies, they use the flora around them to regain their strength.

The lioness’s behavior was similar to that of domestic cats

The video received thousands of clicks on the microblogging site, and people on the Internet were amazed and delighted to see such an unusual sight. Many Twitter users shared that they had seen similar behavior in their pet cats and compared domestic cats to wild lions.

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Yes. Lions sometimes eat grass and leaves. It may come as a surprise, but there are many reasons why they eat grass and leaves. It helps them calm stomach aches and, in extreme cases, provides them with water. pic.twitter.com/Crov6gLjWm

โ€”Susanta Nanda (@susantananda3) July 21, 2023

One user mentioned that their pets also loved to eat grass and tree leaves. But in excess, it sometimes turned out to be detrimental to the health of his stomach.

yes my cats and dogs love grass too but sometimes if they eat too much it can cause stomach aches.

โ€” Princess Kiran :): (@imprincesskiran) July 21, 2023

Another joked that the lioness wanted to experience vegetarian life for once, which is why she was reaching for the green leaves of the tree to get a taste.

I wanted to experience being a vegetarian for a few hours! ๐Ÿ˜…

โ€” Naturally Sudhaish (@NaturallySudha) July 21, 2023

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