Google introduces QR code for mobile view of 3D product results

We recently noticed that Google started displaying 3D product photos for desktop searches in addition to those on mobile devices.

Now, Google is experimenting with displaying a QR code that the searcher can scan with their smartphone to quickly view the object in 3D, as doing so on desktop devices is challenging.

A screenshot of the QR code that appears after clicking on a product was shared on Twitter by Brian Freiesleben. The text on the label reads: “Scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera to view the item in your space.” In this way, augmented reality can be used in your environment to see the image of the product in 3D.

Wow, I just got added to this test again and saw a new update to this feature for 3D/AR on desktop,” Brian commented. Google is experimenting with displaying a QR code that you can use your mobile device’s camera to scan in order to examine the object in your vicinity. Interesting.”

Google has handled this feature on desktop computers in a cunning way by doing so.

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Categories: Technology

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