Google Street View Car Gets Into 100 MPH Police Chase And Crashes Into Creek In Indiana

News of a Google Street View car crashing into a creek after a high-speed police car chase has alarmed the internet. On July 31, a police officer noticed that a Google Street View car was speeding in Middletown, Indiana. Not just speeding, but the Google Maps car was also overtaking other vehicles on Route 36, which was near a local high school.

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Google Maps Car Gets Involved In A 100-MPH Police Chase

Google Street View Car Crashes Into Creek After Police Chase Twitter

According to a statement by the Middletown Police Department, Chief Landon J. Dean noticed the car was driving at over 100 miles per hour (160 Km/h). He recognised easily that it was a Google Street View car as he saw multiple 360-degree cameras mounted on a tall antenna on top of the car roof.

Once he caught sight of the car, he pursued it and caught up to it on the 8500 block of West US 36. However, once the cop caught up to the car, the driver in charge refused to stop it.

Even after getting caught by the police, the vehicle continued for several miles into Madison County. Though the vehicle did slow down at the intersection of State Road 109 and US 36, seeing as there was a red light, it then continued through the red light.

The Car Eventually Lost Control And Ended Up In A Creek

Google Street View Car Crashes Into Creek After Police Chase Twitter

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Afterward, the car attempted to turn south, just east of Pendleton, Indiana. This is when the driver lost control of the vehicle and drove straight into a creek. After the plunge, the car got stuck until equipment was brought in to help the vehicle out of the creek.

The driver was identified as Coleman Ferguson; he told Dean that he worked for Google and was “scared to stop.” The driver was admitted to Henry Community Health Hospital in New Castle for medical clearance and then transferred to Henry County Jail.

Ferguson was arrested for Level 6 felonies for Resisting Law Enforcement with a vehicle and taken to the county jail.

Google issued a statement after the incident and said, “We partner with contractors to drive and collect imagery. We take the safety of our Street View operations very seriously, and we’re committed to working with the contracted company and local authorities to ensure the proper actions are taken to address this situation.”

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