Gurpatwant Singh Pannu (Khalistani Activist) Age, Wiki, Biography, Family & More

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu (Khalistani Activist) Height, Weight, Date of Birth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend & More

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun is a prominent figure in the Khalistan movement, a movement that advocates for a separate Sikh state called Khalistan, separate from Punjab and surrounding areas in India. As legal advisor and spokesperson for Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), Pannun has been at the forefront of promoting the idea of ​​Khalistan. However, his activities have given rise to controversy: the Indian government declared him a terrorist and requested Interpol’s help to arrest him.


Real name Gurpatwant Singh Pannun
Profession Lawyer
Organization Sikhs for Justice (SFJ)
Birthdate Not known
Age Not known
place of birth Khankot village, Amritsar
Nationality Canadian
Native city Khankot village, Amritsar
Family Mother: Not availableFather: Mahinder SinghSister: Not availableBrother: Not availableWife: Not available
Religion sikhism

Early life

Born and raised in the village of Khankot, on the outskirts of Amritsar in Punjab, India, Pannun comes from a modest background. His father Mahinder Singh previously worked for the Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board (PSAMB).

Growing up in Punjab, Pannun’s roots are deeply connected to the Sikh community, which plays a central role in the Khalistan movement.


Pannun has been actively involved in advancing the cause of Khalistan on the world stage. He has organized rallies, events and meetings in several countries, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Pannun has also taken legal action against Indian officials and institutions in international courts, alleging human rights violations against Sikhs.

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One of the most controversial aspects of Pannun’s activities is his alleged responsibility in several terrorist incidents in India. In April 2023, he issued a threat to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Modi’s visit to Assam, sparking concern and increasing tensions. Pannun subsequently went into hiding following the deaths of three other prominent Khalistani leaders within two months.

In July 2023, Pannun resurfaced in a video near the UN headquarters in New York, United States. In the video, he took responsibility for posters inciting violence against Indian diplomats in North America and Europe. Pannun declared his intention to lead the Khalsa Panth to separate Khalistan from India and hoist his flag at the UN headquarters.

Facts about Gurpatwant Singh Pannun

  1. In 2020, the Government of India officially declared Pannun a designated terrorist. His agricultural land was also attached under Section 51A of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act due to his involvement in the Khalistan movement.
  2. Pannun faces a total of 22 criminal cases, including three charges of sedition, in Punjab, India. These legal challenges reflect the seriousness with which Indian authorities view her activities.
  3. In October 2022, Interpol rejected India’s second request to issue a red corner notice against Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. The rejection was based on insufficient information provided by the Indian government.

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