H1B Work Permit Visa Canada Released Now Open Now

Finally, the new Canada work permit for H1B Visa holders is now fully open. This is very exciting news. The new Canada work that has been allowed for H1B visa holders in the United States is now fully accepting new applications. This was the most anticipated program that was announced by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser. They announced it on June 27, 2023. They did this just to attract tech people. This new work permit program will now accept applications for only one year. Or maybe until they get 10,000 early applications. Now take a look at the whole article to know all the details of this new work permit. Let’s continue.

H1B Visa Canada Work Permit

H1B Visa Canada Work Permit

Our sources have revealed that the duration of this new open work permit will be up to 3 years. And family members will also be allowed to accompany the main applicant. The children and spouses of the 10,000 H1-B visa holders will be eligible to apply for temporary resident visas, employment permits and study permits. Now read the document needed to apply for the new H1B work permit. You need a valid passport or travel document. You should have 1 free page where IRCC can adhere to your permit. You also need proof of your H-1B visa. You need proof of your Form I-797/I-797B, which is also known as your H-!b work permit. And you also need an I-94 form or arrival/departure record, if you don’t need a utility bill or income tax return (ITR) or some other documents that show you currently live in the United States. Now read the necessary documents for spouses or dependents of H1B Visa holders in the next paragraph.

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A spouse or dependent of H1B visa holders needs some documents. They need documents only if they are accompanying spouses or dependents. So read it carefully, they need a valid transport document or passport. They also need 1 free page where IRCC can attach to their work permit. You also need proof of your relationship to your wife or father. Some examples of documents include a marriage certificate or proof of common law status (the document must show a shared address). And you need a birth certificate for dependent children under 22.

H1B Visa Canada Work Permit

You also need some data to apply. You need personal details, travel document details, finances, family information, medical history, crime and safety, and educational history. if you have to apply for Canada H1B open work permit. So you have to pay fees and for that, you need a credit card. Interested people need to register on GCKey and then they will receive an invitation code on their email id. Holders then need to register on the IRCC portal and then log in to apply for the new open work permit. Then you must answer the questions and you must follow the guided CRM to apply in it.

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