Heart-Pounding Footage Captures Daredevil Slacklining 185m Above The Ground, Watch

An adrenaline-pumping video of Jaan Roose, a competent slackline athlete, executing a risky 185-meter-high slackline walk between the Katara Towers in Lusail Marina, Qatar, has gone viral. Watch the viral video here.

Man walks 185 meter above ground on slackline 

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The video, which was posted on Red Bull’s Instagram account, shows Jaan Roose fearlessly navigating the vertigo-inducing gap at a dizzying height of 185 metres. 

The video, captioned “@jaantastic speaking like a tour guide whilst suspended at 185m,” encourages viewers to join Roose on this heart-pounding adventure.

According to the Hindustan Times, this feat was a cooperation between Jaan Roose, Red Bull, and the Qatar tourism bureau.

Instagram Screengrab

Roose says, while walking the slackline and filming himself with a hand-held camera, “There is sunrise under my right hand and wind blowing on the left.” What a sight!” He continues by explaining that the heavy wind was making it difficult for him to finish the task because the rope had grown “shaky” in the centre.

Man is walking on Qatar’s renowned crescent-shaped Katara Towers

The video concludes with a shot of Qatar’s renowned crescent-shaped Katara Towers, which are set within the scenic Lusail Marina. Jaan Roose’s slow and composed stroll across the slackline is accompanied by his story, which describes his experience and documents his incredible feat. 

The video, which was released just five days ago on Red Bull’s official website, has quickly amassed approximately 1.4 million views, with the number of watchers continuing to increase. 

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People’s reactions to the terrifying footage have been mixed. While some have described it as just nerve-racking, others have stated that seeing someone do this risky task made them uneasy. 

People have also congratulated Roose on his mental and physical strength, determination, and courage, and have wished him luck on future travels. Here’s what some people wrote.

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