Here’s a new optical illusion: find the four kiwis hidden among the tiny birds

People around the world have long been attracted and baffled by optical illusions. These amazing visual tricks test our perception and make us doubt what we see. In the latest viral optical illusion to hit the internet, viewers have to spot four kiwis hidden among the birds.

It is an intriguing and entertaining puzzle that has piqued people’s interest, stimulating conversations and debates about the elusive fruits hidden in the image. At first glance it seems like a simple image of birds, but there is a detail: four kiwis are cleverly hidden here.

The task, of course, is to find and identify these fruits in this optical illusion.

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Check out this viral optical illusion: there are four kiwis hiding among the birds

Optical illusion test: find the kiwi hidden in the kiwi birdCredit: Gergely Dudás

The hallucinatory requires intense concentration on even the smallest aspects of the work of art, testing the ability to observe.

Gergely Dudás, better known as Dudolf, is known for producing some of the most difficult puzzles on the Internet. The challenge was shared by the German novelist on Facebook, where he has more than 168,000 followers.

There’s a 20-second record to beat and puzzle experts race to be the first to find the four kiwis. Dudolf cleverly employs similar colors and shapes to give even the most astute users a hard time.

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At first glance, it’s difficult to determine which part of the image is the best place to start looking. The birds appear to be looking in different directions and their pattern has no discernible structure. Have you already discovered any kiwi?

Those who have difficulty distinguishing between kiwis and birds should look closely at the beaks. The challenge is more difficult to complete than it seems.

The answer is already revealed!

Try to focus on the birds on the right side of the image. See the answer below if you still can’t find all four kiwis.

Optical illusion test: find the kiwi hidden in the kiwi birdCredit: Gergely Dudás

The latest viral optical illusion featuring hidden fruits demonstrates the timeless appeal of visual puzzles that test our perception.

This fun and intriguing puzzle allows you to explore how our brain perceives visual information, whether you are a seasoned illusion fan or a casual observer.

So, look closer and see if you can find the four hidden fruits; It is an online fashion that will surely fascinate and amaze you.

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