How can you make money with your videos?

Selling consumer products or offering highly advanced services is not the only way to make money in today’s era. We are living in the age of a wide range of options, and the same applies to your plans to make money too. If you plan to earn some extra money on top of your direct company income or salary, you can use your video. Yes, today there are several options to earn money only through a video.

People have gone from just text and images as videos have become their source of entertainment and information. You might be surprised to know that people now watch more than 10 hours of videos every week, and this number will only increase in the future. So instead of just relying on text and images.

To add videos and earn money, you must first look at the options you have to earn money through your video and choose the best one out of them.

Upload video on YouTube

This might be the most common way to add videos and make money, and this is what entrepreneurs use to add a little extra money to their income. The best part about making money with YouTube is that it’s incredibly simple, and you don’t even need to be extravagant with your budget.

To start making money with YouTube, you must first create a channel on YouTube, create a video, and then start uploading videos regularly. As soon as you start getting views on your videos and the number of subscribers on your channel starts to increase, you can sign up to monetize your video by allowing YouTube to show ads on your videos.

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The more views you get, the more money you can earn on YouTube. You can create a YouTube channel today, but it may take a few months to increase the number of views and subscribers to your channel.

make video lessons

If you are a subject matter expert in a particular field, you can start making training videos related to your niche. This is also the most common way to add videos and earn money. People are always interested in watching videos from the expert and learning something, and you can capitalize on this audience need.

If you are a fitness expert, you can make a video on ‘Top 5 Foods Everyone Should Include in Their Diet’. If you are a Yoga expert, you can make a video on ‘Top 5 Yogas for Beginners’.

After that, you need to make your video available through a subscription-based model. In this type of model, the client pays a monthly or annual fee to access your video. You also have the option of offering the video on pay-per-view, or you can sell your videos in a bundle to download after you make a payment.

Broadcast your video on TV channels

This may sound strange as you usually have to pay a TV channel to broadcast your video and apart from TV serials, news and documentaries nothing else is shown on the TV. But a couple of new channels are coming on the market with the plan to let people stream their videos without charging a single penny.

This means even with a guitar cover video; You can stream your content on satellite TV channel. is the first satellite channel that gives people the opportunity to broadcast their videos on TV to hundreds of millions simply by uploading their videos or sending their links on our website. These new TV channels even plan to show ads during those videos, and by making your videos popular on the TV channel, you can earn a share of the profits earned from the ads. There is no confirmation regarding this type of payment, but from the looks of it, this will be the future of such innovative television channels.

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Affiliate advertising and product placement in viral videos

Another good option to earn money through videos is to purchase the rights to some viral videos and then affiliate products or use product placement strategy on those videos. Viral videos are usually short videos that people love to watch and share.

You can have a unique idea for a video and then share it through your social connections while waiting for the audience to like and share the video. But there’s no guarantee your video will go viral using this simple technique, as what people want and share at a breakneck pace is unpredictable.

Earning money through videos is effective and easy, but it fits like a glove in today’s environment. Videos are the most consumed type of content. It would help if you capitalized on this trend instead of limiting your earning options to traditional methods.

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