How did Dallas Keogh-Frankling die? Castlemaine Football player, 17, collapsed in changing room

The entire Castlemaine Football community is currently mourning the passing of a talented teenage footballer named Dallas Keogh-Frankling. This note is from the bottom of our hearts that Dallas Keogh-Frankling passed away untimely and unexpectedly on May 27, 2023. People who knew the aforementioned Castlemaine Football player were completely devastated. They are in a state of disbelief. Regardless, numerous questions prevail in people’s minds about his cause of death. How did Dallas Keogh-Frankling die or what was his cause of death? We have collected details to explain the circumstances surrounding the death of Dallas Keogh-Frankling. You must follow this news article to the end. Scroll down the page.

How did Dallas Keogh-Frankling die?

Talking about the age of the late Castlemaine Football player, Dallas Keogh-Frankling was 18 when he was pronounced dead. His death was apparently natural. After an under-18 Bendigo League game against Kyneton Tigers, Castlemaine’s Dallas Keogh-Frankling was reportedly in the dressing room where he suddenly collapsed and required medical attention. Unfortunately, the young footballer was declared dead after some time. This news has now garnered massive attention from the media and the public. People are interested in knowing the cause of death since the deceased had no underlying medical conditions. Scroll down the page.

Dallas Keogh-Frankling

Mark Franklin, father of the late Castlemaine football player, explained the circumstances surrounding his son’s death. The grieving father said that in the last minute of the game between the Kyneton Tigers and Castlemaine Magpies Dallas he was ready to kick the ball when two people tackled him and his arms were pinned so he fell on the ball near the gates, but stood up. immediately. But before sitting on the bench his guts shrank. Dallas’ father also went to see him to see if he was okay. Mark said, “Shit, you may have broken your ribs.” He continues reading the details. Move to down.

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Dallas Keogh-Frankling

His father said Dallas Keogh-Frankling’s condition worsened in the locker room after his coach spoke to him. The teenager suffered. When Mark went to see his son in the locker room, his son’s eyes rolled back. His father was the one who alarmed the situation and called the ambulance. Mark also said that Dallas Keogh-Frankling’s face had turned grey. Castlemaine Football Netball Club have expressed their condolences and paid tribute to Dallas Keogh-Frankling. The club said: “Our club community has understandably been shaken by this tragedy and they have spent time together over the past two days supporting each other and will continue to do so for the weeks and months to come.”

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