How did Kris Jordan die? Ohio state representative dies at 46

If you are active in political news and always looking to get updated, you are surely using social media platforms to find out. But it is not necessary that every time you get authentic news as there are a lot of fake news spreading online these days and some people even believe this without checking the facts. One such news of the death of a public figure has come out recently and attracted the interest of people who feel sad and worried about it. However, there are many people who think that this news is fake and want to have real news.

Kris Jordan’s cause of death

Unfortunately, this time the news is true and a politician has left the world. The deceased politician’s name is Kris Jordan, who was a Republican and represented Delaware County in the Ohio House of Representatives. On Saturday, February 25, 2023, the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives shared this sad news with the public, causing a wave of shock among party members and members of the opposition. He was reportedly 46 years old at the time of his death. The exact date of his death is not known and many people want to know the cause of his death.

kris jordan

Kris, of Ostrander, was appointed as the representative for the state’s 60th district and was serving in this position for a third term after previously serving 2 terms in the Ohio Senate. His passing is a great loss for his party and members and supporters of his party are currently mourning his passing and eager to know the nature of his passing. Jason Stephens, Speaker for the Ohio House of Representatives, states, “Kris Jordan was a beloved father, a leader, a man of faith, and a person I have always considered a very close and dear friend. My heart goes out to Kris’s family, particularly his 3 children and his loving parents who are currently devastated by his sudden passing.

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kris jordan

We know that it is difficult for his family to accept this news, but in this difficult moment we can only pray for them and the salvation of their souls.” Other than that, Gov. Mike DeWine ordered flags to be flown at half staff at the Ohio State House and at all public grounds and buildings throughout Delaware County, stating that he and the first lady were “stunned and saddened by their death and called it “the most unwanted and unexpected loss”. The details of the funeral are not known at the moment. From this moment we are praying for the salvation of his soul and that God give strength to his family.

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