LOOK: Nicola Bulley TikTok Viral video unmasked after filming her body being pulled from the river

Nicola Bulley was said to have been missing for a few days. The locals tried very hard to find her, but they all failed in her efforts. Social media entertains us, but who thought social media like TikTok would help find Nicola Bulley? You will get complete details about Nicola Bulley in this article. Keep reading for more details.

How was Nicola Bulley found?

Nicola Bulley was missing for several days. People were looking for her body. Later, her body was found floating in the river. A person with the username @Mrsgummybear18 posted a video of a dead body floating in the river. It was found to be the body of Nicola Bulley. People started criticizing the person who posted the video. They accused him of posting such content on his social media. Read more: Was Nicola Bulley pregnant before she was found dead? TikTok Body Video Removed From River


In the video, the body is shown floating in the river. The police began to remove his body along with the rescue team. The video was tagged as insensitive as there was unusual content in the video. His body was found in the River Irwell. The river has a long history. It has been contaminated a lot in recent years. The place where the body was found is generally known for fishing and kayaking. She could be fishing on the spot and the river currents become the reason for her death. There is no confirmation of the reason behind her death. Read more: Nicola Bulley autopsy report update: Body released for ‘funeral’ after autopsy

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nicola bulley

The video went viral on TikTok. People are sharing it all over the world. The person who posted the video received hate because she was considered insensitive for posting that video. People are eager to know more about his personal life. Nicola Bulley was a 30-year-old woman. She lived in Salford, Greater Manchester. Her body was found on February 19, 2023. She had been missing for a long time. The video got a lot of views from viewers. She is currently deleted from TikTok. Many could have saved the video. It can be downloaded from some illegal websites. It was said that she was a humble person. Viewers on TikTok were divided into parts regarding the video of her.

nicola bulley

Locals who were aware of the incident were able to identify Nicola. They were grateful for the video, as it helped pinpoint her location. The others who were unaware of the incident were calling the cartel insensitive. The family is going through difficult times. They are not able to believe it. We pray for strength and courage for them. We keep bringing such updates to our website. Stay tuned for more updates on your locality.

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