How did Phil Whitfield die? cause of death explored as Longtime Cowboys security guard, AT&T Stadium art ambassador dies

We are extremely sad to announce that Phil Whitfield of Cowboys, has passed away. Currently, the Cowboys are mourning the passing of Phil Whitfield who was with the Cowboys for the last 30 years. He traveled to both Texas Stadium and AT&T Stadium. Reports are claiming that Phil Whitfield passed away this week. His death news surfaced a few days earlier from his 63rd birthday. He died at the age of 62. Since Phil Whitfield’s death news broke out, it has been blowing shock waves to everyone who worked and had the privilege of working for the Cowboys. How did Phil Whitfield die or what was his cause of death? Let’s delve deep into the details and learn more about his demise.

Who was Phil Whitfield?

The news of Phil Whitfield’s demise was confirmed by the wife of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Gene Jones. She wrote on Thursday, “The loss of Phil Whitfield leaves us all heartbroken. We have such wonderful memories with him, just as so many others do. Few people have generated such widespread goodwill and respect as Phil did over the years. He was an amazing ambassador for the Cowboys and a great friend and docent for our art program and the purpose of connecting with children and inspiring them to enjoy art. We will miss him greatly.”

Talking about the cause of death of Phil Whitfield, this information has not been revealed yet. He would turn 63 on Saturday but sadly he departed a few days before his birthday. Reportedly, Phil Whitfield joined the organization of Cowboys in 1993. In his stint with the Cowboys, he had many positions including a security guard at both stadiums, AT&T Stadium and Texasa Statium. Later he got a prominent role with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. In addition, he also used to appear on a long-running television show “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” on CMT. He used to announce the squad each year and provided inspiration with his consistent smile and positive behavior. Shift to the next section.

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Phil Whitfield recently served as an Art Ambassador for the Cowboys Art Collection at AT&T Stadium. Dillian Frelow while mourning Phil Whitfield’s demise said he was my Uncle Phil Whitfield. I would go into his office and we would talk for hours. He was my role model for excellence and for bringing my whole self to work every day. He touched so many hearts and would make you feel right at home. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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