How do I optimize my business for Google 2023?

The business world is becoming increasingly competitive and more and more companies are relying on digital media to increase their reach and customer base. Digital marketing is essential to today’s business world and provides crucial benefits to businesses around the world. However, the effectiveness of digital marketing is always an evolving question, and the answer depends on the changing dynamics of digital marketing. Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful digital marketing tool that has proven records for growing your business. So if you are a business owner with optimization requirements, you can outsource that to Web 20 Ranker!

google my business

GMB is a very powerful marketing tool that is driven by results and is profitable if used wisely. The effective use of GMB has the following benefits.

  • Expand the scope of the business to the desired and potential customer base
  • Marketing advantage to capture target market segments
  • Increase consumer engagement and interaction through digital media and social media platforms.
  • Increase customer traffic to business websites.
  • Application of digital media metrics and KPI’s to analyze the results
  • Effective cost management

Future business success depends on how well you connect consumers to the point of purchase of the products and services offered. An effective digital media strategy uses digital and social media platforms to promote the brand and the products and services. The dissemination of products and services is essential to generate awareness. Consumers in the 21st century are highly aware and research-based. These factors are an advantage in creating the necessary interaction and engagement and driving more traffic to your company’s website.

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GMB Optimization

Emphasis on current dynamics

The importance of optimized GMB is significant. Even more so, in a digital environment that has less than 50 percent of GMB real estate available. The recent increased emphasis on localization has also greatly impacted the effectiveness of GMB and influenced the optimization process. GMB is free for all internet tools that help you promote your business through Google Search and Maps. A GMB optimized for location and top search engine results is valuable in capturing the target consumer base.

Today’s consumer decision-making process is impulsive and movement-based, yet driven by research and awareness. Nearly 33 percent of mobile searches are quick decisions, identified as micro-moment decisions, with location-specific purchases. About 52 percent of all Internet traffic is generated by mobile devices. Therefore, your company needs a highly optimized search engine optimization strategy. Otherwise, the trading strategy is as good as a shot in the dark.

Professional digital marketing and search engine optimization services through business intelligence and consumer awareness provide the following.

  • Accelerated business traffic growth with highly ranked pages in search engine results
  • High level location for increased visibility
  • Emphasis on mobile-optimized websites
  • white label services

moving index first

More than 95 consumers use mobile search to find, locate and interact with the brands of the products and services offered. Therefore, mobile-optimized websites play a crucial role in maintaining and sustaining business growth. The fact is not only informative but also influencing as Google has added a new mobile first index. The mobile first index comparable to the previous website index for desktop sites provides a ranking for pages searched on mobile search engines.

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Businesses with a more substantial reach need to maintain regular website and mobile optimization for more traction and business traffic. The following elements are vital to mobile search engine optimization.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMPs are crucial to keeping your mobile website responsive and easy to use. AMPs are beneficial for static pages like product pages.

  • Viewport Label

The viewport tag improves the responsiveness of your website. Incorporating the display tag into the HTML data allows for dynamic calibration of website content across different devices, improving the user experience.

  • functionality

SEO’s emphasis is on search engine results and also on consumers. A mobile focused search optimization with a complete consumer buying ecosystem identical to a full version desktop website is a business necessity.


Location-specific business information is an essential aspect of today’s business. The mini network installation offered by digital marketing and SEO companies provides brands with the necessary relevance. Business relevance is enhanced with the help of high-quality, relevant and SEO-optimized content that comprises anchor texts and links the GMB listing to relevant articles. High relevance signals are game changers. So adding the signals boosts your business tremendously as it follows the new Google search algorithm that emphasizes local trust signals. That allows your business pages to rank high in search engine results.

An experienced and knowledgeable digital marketplace service with specialized SEO and location-specific optimization can greatly improve your business traffic, drive value, and desired rate of return on investment.

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