How tall is Galilea Montijo? Discover her height, age and career on television

Galilea Montijo is one of the most popular Mexican presenters and loved by the public. The woman from Guadalajara has had a successful career on television, which she began in 1993.

Galilea Montijo was born on June 5, 1973, making her 49 years old in 2023 and has an extensive career in Mexican and international television. Some people wonder how tall Galilea Montijo is?

Montijo is 1.70 meters tall. The presenter has stated that her height is one of her biggest insecurities, but that she has learned to accept it and feel comfortable with it.

Career in television

Galilea Montijo began her career in television in 1993, as host of the program “Vida TV.” Since then, she has participated in several programs, soap operas and series.

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Some of the most popular programs in which Galilea Montijo has participated are:

  • Today (1998-present)
  • The Academy (2002-2009)
  • Little Giants (2011-2015)
  • Warriors 2020 (2020)
  • My fortune is to love you (2021-2022)
  • The House of the Famous Mexico (2023).

PHOTOS.  At 49 years old, Galilea Montijo poses for Playboy magazine |  LodeHoyGalilea Montijo.

Galilea Montijo has also participated in several soap operas, including:

  • The Indomitable (2000)
  • Bet on a love (2004)
  • Passion (2007)
  • The Gale Woman (2012)
  • For loving without law (2018)

Galilea Montijo is one of the most popular presenters in Mexico. Her charisma and talent have made her a figure much loved by the public.

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