How to buy a Dhaka metro ticket?

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The long-awaited opening of Bangladesh’s first metro will take place on Wednesday.

The Dhaka Metro will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She will be the first person to buy a ticket and ride the subway.

After the manual leaves the site, officials will begin selling tickets to the public.

Since this is only the first step, only a few trains will run in the morning and afternoon.

How to buy a Dhaka metro ticket?

Bangladesh’s long-awaited first metro line will open to the public on Wednesday morning. Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, will be the first person to buy a ticket and ride the Dhaka Metro.

The general public will be able to buy tickets once the booklet has left the venue. As this is the first phase, only a few trains will run in the morning and afternoon.

Here’s how to buy Dhaka Metro tickets:

Dhaka Metro Rail ticketing system

Dhaka Metro Tickets

  • There are two ways to buy tickets for people who want to ride the Dhaka Metro: automatically and manually.
  • The automated system allows passengers to get their tickets on their own, but each person can only get five tickets at a time.
  • The manual system remains faithful to the usual way of buying cash tickets at the window.
  • After purchasing a ticket, all passengers will enter the gate with a smart pass card and use the escalator to reach the third-floor platform.
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Dhaka Metro Fares

  • The cheapest fare on the Dhaka metro is Tk20, and from Uttara to Motijheel, the most you can pay is Tk100.
  • In the first phase, it will cost Tk 60 to go from Uttara station to Agargaon station. From Uttara (North) to Uttara (Central) and Uttara-South Station, it will cost 20 Tk.
  • From Uttara North to Pallabi and Mirpur-11, the ticket costs Tk30, to Mirpur-10 and Kazipara, Tk40, and to Shewrapara, Tk50.

How to travel by Dhaka Metro Rail?

  • On the second floor of the station, people can take the escalator or stairs to reach the concourse level.
  • Passengers can purchase MRT long-term multi-ride passes and single-ride tickets at ticket counters. You can also get single-ride tickets from the vending machines.
  • After purchasing a ticket, a person must swipe it into a machine at the entrance. Then, to get on a train, the traveler must take the stairs or an escalator to the third floor. The elevator is easy to use for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • There will be a screen door on the platform between the platform and the train (PSD). For their own safety, people should stay behind the yellow line.
  • Watch for people getting off the train before you get on. You must offer your seat to anyone who is sick, elderly, pregnant or traveling with small children. The government pays the most attention to the elderly and people with special needs.
  • Riders need to keep an eye on the display and the route map to see where they are and how far away their destinations are.
  • After reaching their destinations, passengers must use the stairs or an escalator again to reach the second-floor concourse level.
  • MRT passes that are valid for more than one trip need to be scanned at exit points, while single-ride tickets need to be placed at automatic gates to open them.
  • Those going beyond the destination they paid for must pay the difference at the station before they can get off the train.
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