Australian Tourist Gets ‘Cosmic’ Head Massage From Local Indian Barber, Internet Calls It ‘Healthy’

It is not every day that tourists enjoy the local experience of living in India. Well, given the country’s rich culture, most travelers get caught up in the usual scenic beauties of the land and end up in all the usual places a tourist might go.

However, an Australian traveler was not going to settle for anything ordinary while visiting India. So, to get a taste of what the locals enjoy, the tourist got a head massage.

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Australian tourist gets head massage from local hairdresser

Local hairdresser massages Australian touristReddit

Well, unlike most tourists, who would rather get that treatment at an expensive spa or retreat, this Aussie had her own ideas. Jossie is actually a YouTuber who travels the world and captures her experiences on camera for her followers. She has almost 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and frequently travels to India.

A clip of Jossie buying herself a Rs 250 head massage from a local hairdresser is going viral on social media. In the video, Jossie asks a hairdresser lounging in her little shop if she could get a head massage and even asks how much it would cost in the bit of broken Hindi she had learned to navigate the country.

The barber begins his massage with a simple spray of water from a makeshift, repurposed cold drink bottle. He tells her to relax as he begins to massage his scalp. In the middle of his massage, the hairdresser asks his client if she likes the massage. Jossie then adorably replies, “Haan Ji.”

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The hairdresser revealed that the business had been part of his family for 5 generations


The hairdresser then tells the tourist that she somehow ended up in the right place and even shows her how five generations of her family have been in the business. At the end of the clip, Jossie looks much refreshed as she thanks the hairdresser for her service and gets back on her journey.

The clip ended up on Reddit, where a user posted it with the caption “Cosmic Indian Head Massage.” While people enjoyed seeing the foreigner experience a local head massage, many wondered if the service really cost Rs 250 for everyone, or if the prices were adjusted for Australians only.

Cosmic Indian Head Massage by u/ModAdvocate on indiasocial

One user wondered: “Does it really cost 250rs? I mean, a haircut is, but a massage costs so much.”

Comment by u/altofeveryone on the Cosmic Indian Head Massage discussion on indiasocial

However, many defended the hairdresser: “What about the $250 you will earn from this video?” wrote one.

Comment by u/Cool_lover_44 from the Cosmic Indian Head Massage discussion on indiasocial

While some found their interaction “wholesome”.

Comment by u/Sugar-Spice28 from the Cosmic Indian Head Massage discussion on indiasocial

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