How to connect AirTag on iPhone and Android?

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AirTag has quickly become one of the most effective and widely used solutions for locating and finding items, as well as tracking people and objects. AirTag is similar to a GPS tracker, but instead of using GPS technology to track users, it uses Bluetooth connections with Apple devices. Do you know how to connect AirTag?

As a result, instead of calculating a location using the satellite network, AirTags uses a network of more than 1.8 billion devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

When we activate an AirTag (which is required for an Apple device) and start using it, this device can be located and tracked using an iPhone or Android device. The AirTag device will connect via Bluetooth to any Apple device to reveal its location.

As an example, consider the following: Suppose we use our AirTag as a key fob and misplace our keys on a bus. When any user with an iPhone boards the bus, their AirTag will send location information to Apple via Bluetooth through that user’s iPhone. This will happen to any user who comes in contact with your AirTag. This will allow you to locate your AirTag and therefore your keys using the Find My app on your Apple device.

As stated above, when we purchase an AirTag, we cannot configure it using an Android device. We will need an iPhone and the Apple Search application to activate and configure it. An Android phone cannot be used to activate or configure the tracker.

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However, thanks to Apple’s Tracker Detector app for Android devices, Android users can search for unknown AirTags in their vicinity. However, the app on iPhones will not search for AirTags in the background. If you want to find a nearby AirTag, you need to start a scan manually.

However, below we detail the activation, configuration and use of AirTag on iOS and Android devices.

How to connect AirTag on iPhone?

  1. To use an AirTag, first remove the plastic covering it; this will expose the battery, allowing it to make contact and activate the device.
  2. The second step is to move the AirTag even closer to the iPhone.
  3. Finally, after a few seconds, the message “AirTag detected” will appear on the iPhone screen.
  4. Connect by clicking the button.
  5. After you set up AirTag, your iPhone will be able to communicate with it.
  6. Give your AirTag a name (you can use the default or create your own).
  7. After that, select an Emoji that best represents the AirTag location on the map.
  8. Below you’ll see details on how to connect your AirTag to your Apple ID and use your AirTag.

Your AirTag will be active and readable from now on.

How to use AirTag on iPhone to find objects or track

  1. Launch the Search app on your iPhone or other Apple device (it comes pre-installed, but you can get it for free if you ever remove it).
  2. Go to the Objects tab in the Search app.
  3. A map will be displayed showing where the AirTag was detected. Your custom AirTag icon will be displayed here.
  4. The device you need to use to access this information is shown just below the map in Step 4.
  5. Clicking on this will bring up a menu with a series of selections.
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Play Sound: When you press that button, your AirTag will make a beep sound. You will be able to locate it through sound with this.

Search – Select this menu item to access AirTag visual tracking. The location of your AirTag will be displayed on the screen along with a directional arrow. The distance in meters to the goal will also be displayed.

Notifications: In case we forget something important, we can notify you here. When you carry your AirTag with you, this feature allows you to be notified if you ever lose it. If the keys on your Airtag keychain drop and you leave them behind, for example, your iPhone will send you a notification. Exceptions can be made, such as your own home. However, when you AirTag your pet, it sends a notification every time it moves, which is unnecessary.

Lost Mode – If a user discovers your AirTag, they can contact you at the phone number or email address you’ve set up in Lost Mode by clicking the Activate button. When someone finds your AirTag, you can send a notification to your iPhone by turning on Notify when found.

Rename Object: You can rename the object, which will update the AirTag name and emoji.

Delete Object: You can Delete the AirTag, which consists of deleting the link between the device and your Apple ID.

How to use AirTag in Android to find objects?

  1. The first step is to download the official Apple Android app: Tracker Detector

2. Launch the app after installation and tap on the following: Search

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3. If an AirTag is found after a few seconds, it will be marked as unknown.

4. The fourth option is next to the device: Ring the doorbell.

5. After 6 minutes, AirTag will play a sound if you click on it.

Fix: AirTag not detected on Android with Tracker Detector app

There are a few reasons why the Apple Tracker Detector app might not detect the AirTag on an Android phone, but they all have to do with how close the AirTag is to the iPhone it was initially set up and paired with.

As a result, you need to disable Bluetooth on the iPhone that the AirTag was initially paired with. The iPhone must be removed from the AirTag after it has been deactivated.

Turning off the iPhone and restarting the search may produce better results if Tracker Detector’s Search option on Android still doesn’t return results.

This will never be an issue again when an item is lost and equipped with an AirTag because the iPhone it’s linked to won’t be in the immediate vicinity.

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