How to set Facebook Marketplace to local only? here is your guide

Facebook Marketplace is like Facebook’s shopping mall. Here, you can search whatever you want with a snap of your fingers. You can even apply filters on it to go through the desired items faster. But since the app is available worldwide, the product you have been looking for might be available in some other region or country. That is why there is this local only feature of the Facebook marketplace that allows you to search for products that are available locally.

In this guide, I will walk you through the process “how to set facebook marketplace to be local only”. Then let’s get started.

What is the Facebook marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a new feature introduced by Facebook where buyers and sellers from all over the world can contact, engage and sell and buy their desired products. It is a kind of existing market within the platform.

To access this digital marketplace, you need to launch your Facebook app and click on the store icon at the bottom of the screen. You can access all the latest features of Facebook Marketplace.

What does “Local Listing” mean on Facebook Marketplace?

‘Local Listing’ is like a location filter on Facebook Marketplace that allows you to shop within your area, city, or state. Facebook Marketplace is a fairly common place for sellers to target their customers from social media. And so, by default, it is possible that the items you are currently looking for are being shown to you from another state or city.

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And therefore, to prevent outside sales, it is quite essential for buyers to modify their location settings and set the marketplace as local.

Now that you’ve understood what Facebook Marketplace Local is and how crucial it is to change the location, let’s move on and learn how to make Facebook Marketplace only show locally.

How to change Facebook Marketplace to local only?

There are several ways to set Facebook Marketplace to local only. They can be done through mobile devices or web browsers. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Method 1 – Change the location settings on your Facebook account

You can directly change your location settings on Facebook’s main settings page, here’s how:

  • From the home page of your Facebook account, visit the settings section.
  • Scroll down to locate the location button and tap on it.
  • And then Facebook will ask you if you want to make any changes to your location preferences, make the changes according to your requirements and you are done.

click location

Method 2: Activate the local listing

You can also change your local listing settings from the Facebook Marketplace section, here’s how to do it:

  • Launch the Facebook app and click the Marketplace button to log in to your Facebook Marketplace.
  • In the Facebook Marketplace section, you will see a section called ‘Category’, click on it and locate the Local Listing option from there and toggle the switch to enable it.

click market

Once this is done, you will only see the items that are available locally, you can choose any of them and pay accordingly.

Method- 3 Change Location from Facebook Marketplace

You can also switch to the local-only feature of Facebook Marketplace simply by changing your location settings. Let’s find out how:

  • Launch your Facebook app on your mobile device or from a web browser and visit the Marketplace.
  • There, click on your location, which is present on the blue button.
  • Then from the menu you need to set the location where you want to browse the items/products.
  • Not only that, you can also manage your radio here. This way, you won’t end up ordering something that is far from your location.
  • Once you are done with all the changes, save the address you just entered and you are done. Happy shopping!
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click on the market and location


Why should you change the location of your Facebook marketplace?

You may still be wondering why changing your location on your Facebook Marketplace is beneficial. Let us find out what could be the possible reasons for the same.

  • There are some items that are region specific, meaning they are only available in a particular region. So for that, you will need to change your location on Facebook Marketplace.
  • It often happens that shipping costs are lower on items shipped locally. So you’ll save on total gross when you shop within your region.
  • If you move to another town or location, you may be interested in knowing its shipping price, availability of second-hand items, and other aspects.

The best part is that you can change your Facebook Marketplace location at any time with no limitations, plus there are no additional charges for doing the same. Therefore, you can get access to regional and national articles without any problems.

How to buy on Facebook Marketplace?

Shopping on Facebook Marketplace is pretty simple and actually a fun way to shop. Once you know how to use it, you can take full advantage of Facebook Marketplace with just a few clicks. Here, you can easily shop by categories, apply filters to get access to the desired products faster, and not only that, the entire Facebook Marketplace interface is quite intuitive and simple. With the super easy and intuitive interface, it is much easier to search for the desired product.

Here are some steps to help you shop better on Facebook Marketplace:

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Shop by category

  • Launch your Facebook app and visit the Marketplace.
  • There, click on the categories in which you are looking for the article.
  • There are many categories on the Marketplace such as deals, clothing accessories, electronics, entertainment, housing, etc.

apply filters

  • In your Facebook Marketplace, select a category.
  • There, in the categories, you can edit them and apply the corresponding filters.

Use the search term

  • In your Facebook Marketplace section.
  • Type your search term in your search bar.
  • Once complete, click Enter.

Advice: Try to use the COD (cash on delivery) option while buying something, and never send money without being 100 percent sure of the sender. Many scams take place in the Facebook Marketplace section.

frequent questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Facebook Marketplace:

How can I change my address on Facebook Marketplace?

Answer: To change your address, go to your Marketplace feed, click filters and there under the location option, enter the location you want and click apply.

Can you change your privacy settings on Facebook Marketplace?

Answer: To change your privacy settings:

  • Go to the Facebook menu.
  • There, click on Settings and privacy.
  • Click Settings and then Privacy.
  • And then modify your settings as you like.
  • Is there a charge to change your location on Facebook Marketplace?

No, there is no charge for changing your Facebook Marketplace location.

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